The Sternum or breastbone is a flat, schwertförmiger bone in the front center of the thorax, at that the ribs and/or. their knorpelige extensions set.
Lage des Brustbeins und seine Komponenten
Situation of the breastbone and its components

its latin names received it, because it a sword of the antique ones - see Sternum - sees similar. Accordingly the individual parts of the bone also designated as

  1. Manubrium sterni (grasp)
  2. corpus sterni (body)
  3. Processus xiphoideus (sword extension)

the upper end of the Manubriums - the Incisura jugularis - is well gropable and marks the lower end of the neck. To bothSides of this groove are those joint surfaces, which serve the connection with the Schlüsselbein (clavicle). Scarcely below these joint surfaces in each case the Incisura marks costalis great the place of the knorpeligen connection with the first rib.

The second rib sets both sides in the angle between the graspand the body of the breastbone, the ribs 3 to 7 at grooves of the breastbone body on.

The breastbone of the man is relatively slimmer than that the woman.

Processus xiphoideus

the Processus xiphoideus (Xiphoid) is the knöchern knorpelige sword extension. It forms the lower endthe breastbone and/or. is connected with this sometimes by a Synchondrose (Synchondrosis xiphosternalis).

The Xiphoid is from different form: It can be bent as compact or twin-jet thing trained as well as forward or in the back. At the Xiphoid no more ribs set. The cutfor the last still directly, sieved rib setting at the Sternum is direct at the body of the breastbone before the transition to the Xiphoid.

In the knorpelig trained Xiphoid 5 can in. - 10. Arise to Lebensjahr to two bone cores.


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