Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi (* 13. December 1957 in New York town center, the USA) is an US-American film and stage actor. With unmistakable Physiognomie and Mimik he is occupied preferentially for neuro tables and paranoide characters and loser types. In the film fargo becomes Carl S. played by him. repeated as “somehow diagonally” described - and exactly for this “quasi” - type Buscemi is again and again engaged.


after the conclusion of the Valley Stream High School in Brooklyn worked Steve Buscemi first as furniture packer, Eisverkäufer and a Feuerwehrmann. Besides it took instruction at the renowned New Yorker Lee Strasberg - to Schauspielstudio. First theatrical experiences collected he as Standup - Comedian and performance artists. With one of its appearances he became acquainted with also his later Mrs. Jo differently.

1984 gave Buscemi in so, like it are its canvas debut. Its first larger role more spielter it two years later in AIDS - drama of parting views of its promoter Bill Sherwood. After smaller appearances in Miami Vice, L.A. Law and Jim Jarmuschs Coffee and Cigarettes he worked for the first time 1990 for Miller's Crossing with the Coen - brothers, under whose direction he was to be seen altogether five times. In the same year he called for the part of the George Costanza in the cult Sitcom its field , which went then however at Jason Alexander.

above all 1992 succeeded to Buscemi with bar clay/tone finch (Coen brothers) and Quentin Tarantinos debut film reservoir Dogs the break-through. For its representation of the Mr. Pink it distinguished with the Independent mirror-image-guessed/advised Award. Since then it is considered as one the largest star of the independent cinema and the skurilen comedies.

Center of the 1990er was it and others in Pulp Fiction of Quentin Tarantino (Cameo appearance as waiters), to see the life after death in Denver and Robert Rodriguez ' Desperado; it set its co-operation with the Coens starting from 1994 with Hudsucker - the large jump, fargo and The bend Lebowski away. Buscemis of large admitting heating degrees made possible it for it besides, also Mainstream - productions such as Con air, Armageddon and bends Daddy to turn, even if this by many of its fans were badly taken to him.

it wrote the film script to Trees Lounge to 1996, with which it led also direction. The film was shown with the film festivals in Cannes.

After the terrorist attacks of the 11. September 2001 he worked after over 15 years again as a Feuerwehrmann, in order to eliminate in twelve-hour layers debris of the Ground Zero.

Steve Buscemi is married since 1987 with the actress Jo Andres, with which he has a son named Lucian ( * 1991).

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