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Steven Allan play mountain (* 18. December 1946 in Cincinnati, Ohio) is an US-American director, producer and a film script author and a one of the most successful film artists of our time. According to the US-American restaurant magazine Forbes belongs to Steven play mountainto richest humans of the world with a fortune of approximately 2.7 billion dollar (2005).

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work on] lives


work on] beginnings

play mountain

becomes planned to 18. December 1947 as a child of Jewish parents in Cincinnati, Ohio born. His father, an electrical engineer,and its nut/mother, Konzertpianistin, can be separated as Steven still another dte rodent is. Already as eleven-year old play mountain turns 8-mm of amateur films. It is supported thereby by its father, the war veteran makes it possible that Steven among other things also cast-off military aircraft to turn can.It is interested already at that time much in the sen Second World War, also because its father was officer and a pilot for the air Force. With thirteen it wins a film competition with its 40minütigen war film escape ton nowhere (1960), 1963 follows its amateur film Firelight, which brings 140 minutes on the clock. Play mountain applies twice at the University OF Southern California for a film study, is however rejected. Finally it studies its desire subject to the California State University, Lomg Beach. 1969 emergesitself play mountain of innovative 35-mm - Kurzfilm Amblin as ticket after Hollywood, when the film is shown on the Atlanta film festival. That only 22-Jährige receives a filter annual contract in the television department from universal Pictures. Directly first it turns an episodefor Rod Serlings Night Gallery with old star Joan Crawford. Afterwards it produces individual series sequences for for example Dr. med Marcus Welby or Columbo. It excites attention with the TV-film duel and with its first feature The Sugarland express.Already at the age of 27 years it inspires the international criticism, which call it already soon miracle child with its first motion picture film. Dozens of cinema hits follow, so for example [[Indiana Jones))- Trilogie or uncanny meeting of the third kind. Play mountain createsit to turn equivalent three times the erfogreichsten film of all times. 1975 break the white shark all records and 1983 set it again with E.T.the yardsticks in financial success. Its most successful year at all is however the year 1993. In thisYear both Jurassic park and Schindlers list were published, and during Jurassic park all financial records breaks lay the critics play mountain for Schindlers list again to feet. At the beginning of of 1994 gets Schindlers list sieves Oscars, among other things in the category Direction and best film, which both go at play mountain. Its image as large small boy and fairy tale uncles that it since E.T. anhing, he could strip finally. In Schindlers list sits down to play mountain for the first time openly with its Jewish identity and thatJew pursuit in Europe apart (its parents, Arnold play mountain and Leah Posner, are descendants of Jewish refugees, who emigrated in view of Russian Pogrome to America - a history, which processed play mountain coded in the Zeichentrickfilm Feivel of the Mauswanderer). It has a woman.

Itsfirst woman was Amy Irving, an actress, with whom he had a common child named max. After the divorce he marries 1990 the actress Kate Capshaw, which he with the turning work to Indiana Jones and the temple of theDeath know learned. The pair has three own and two adopted children: Sasha, Sawyer, Destry, Theo and Mikaela. In addition play mountain stepdaughter Jessica Capshaw and its godfather daughters Drew Barrymore and Gwyneth Paltrow come.

the break-through

alreadyits second motion picture film becomes a gigantic cash hit:The white shark. Apart from further large commercial successes with uncanny meeting the third kind, E.T. as well as rows it knows the Indiana Jones - and Jurassic park - also by serious films how The soldier James Ryan or Schindlers list critic and public convinces. For these two films play mountain is distinguished as a director with the OSCAR. Its largest cash hit was Jurassic park, that approximately 920.000.000 dollar brought in and over 5 yearslong as the most successful film applied for the world.

In Schindlers list sits down to play mountain for the first time openly with its Jewish identity and Jew pursuit in Europe apart (its parents, Arnold play mountain and Leah Posner, are descendants of Jewish refugees, those in view of Russian Pogrometo America emigrated - a history, which processed play mountain coded in the Zeichentrickfilm Feivel of the Mauswanderer).

Its first own film production company, which it calls after its Kurzfilm Amblin Entertainment, develops 1982 still on the area for that universal Studios. 1994 baseit with its friends Jeffrey cat mountain and David Geffen the independent Filmstudio: DreamWorks that however 2005 because of financial problems at Paramount Pictures one sells.

In October 2005 it became admits that it with electronics kind an exclusive contract over the developmentthree computer games closed.

influences and characteristics

of play mountain artistic development is affected particularly by film producers as roll Disney, Alfred Hitchcock, John Ford, Frank Capra, David Lean, Orson Welles, Akira Kurosawa, Stanley Kubrick and François Truffaut; to many of them it had personal contact. In addition, its enthusiasm for Zeichentrickfilme, Comics, pictures of Norman Rockwell and particularly television left visible traces in its work.

As a fanthe TV serial Twilight zone it produces a cinema version. As admitting Trekkie divides play mountain the people-connecting view of the TV serial spaceship Enterprise and plays in its films on it on last with the Vulkanier - greeting between a Afroamerikanerin and a Latino in The terminal.

To typical brand names of play mountain films belong: precise observation of everyday life situations, confrontation of American average types with most unusual events, on the one hand childlike a naive, on the other hand seriously human message of the reconciliation, impressive light and special effects, unusual perspectives and a production,to the feelings of the spectators appeals intensively (Suspense, laughter, Gruseln and wines).

Until today play mountain its principle remains faithfully to turn in the change both fastidious and mainly maintaining films: In June 2005 came the new filming of War of the worlds into the cinemas; its last work is a film over the disputed revenge campaign of the Mossad after the Palestinian notice on the olympic summer games 1972, with which eleven Israeli sportsmen were killed. The “Munich “calledFilm started at the end of January 2006 in the German cinemas.

Among his vocational friend circle directors rank such as George Lucas, Robert Zemeckis, Barbra Streisand, Chris Columbus, Barry Levinson and smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Attenborough as well as the actors Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise.

For many years he co-operates with the Produzentin Kathleen Kennedy, the film composer John Williams and the Cutter Michael punt . Since Schindlers list is Janusz fire-place ski its firm cameraman.

social commitment

1994 developson play mountain initiative the Survivors OF the Shoah Visual History Foundation - a nonprofit organization, which archives statements of survivors of the Shoah for education purposes. But it becomes to 10. September 1998 with the large federal earnings/service medal with star excellently.

Play mountain promotesby personal and capital commitment the new generation in Hollywood, for example at the universities, which rejected it at that time. A renewed change of generations announces itself, and so is there among other things Play mountain films, which now young talents MTV - generation to it bring, directorto want to become - under it M Night Shyamalan.

A further of its many donation projects is the dying right Foundation, which helps seriously ill children. Also in the election campaign around the US president shank play mountain goes through its in the meantime substantial socio-political influence validly -active support of democratic candidates such as John Kerry and before Bill Clinton.


1968 everything began with the Kurzfilm Amblin (26 min.)

the features

Steven play mountain as a director.

++ note to duel: Originally for the US television turned, ran in Europe also in an extended cinema version


  • Abraham Lincoln project (2007) (production, direction)
  • Indiana Jones 4 (2007) (production, direction)

the TV-films

Steven play mountain as a director.

  • 1969 - TV-series: … and the nightmares continue to go (Night Gallery), to episode: Eyes
  • 1971 - Duel (Duel) US-TV-version
  • 1971 - Columbo - deadly separation (Columbo: Murder By The Book)
  • 1973 - TV-series: Watch Dog - The Savage report (Savage)
  • 1972 - house the bad (Something Evil)
  • 1985 - TV-series: Unbelievable stories (Amazing Stories) - episodes: The forced landing (The mission) and the spirit course (Ghost Train)
  • 1999 - The Unfinished Journey (short documentation to the turn of the year 1999/2000)


here was Play mountain above all technically involves. With many films was considerably involved it however also in film script and/or production.


  • flag OF Our Fathers (2006) (production)
  • monster House (2006) (production)
  • The Pacific was (2006) TV mini series (production)
  • When Worlds Collide (2006) (production)
  • Disturbia (2007) (production)
  • Holocaust project (2007) (production)
  • Nine live one (2007) TV mini Series (production)
  • The talisman (2007) (production)
  • Transformers project (2007) (production)
  • JurassicPark IV (2008) (production)

as actors


  • its first own production company“Playmountain” [
work on] was called


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