Penal colony

penal colonies - also convict colonies mentioned - are labour camps in remote areas, in which prisoners their punishment abbüssen. In 18. and 19. Century one created many penal colonies faraway from the respective motherland and particularly on small islands, around the escapeto make more difficult or make unattractive from prisoners to.

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[it works on] Australia and Siberia in Australia, where in hardly 100 years (until 1868) altogether 160,000 prisoners were banished - see history of Australia. Also that Pc. Helena Iceland before Brisbane served this purpose.

Often one thinks with this keyword also of forced laborers or the many camps with the mines Sibiriens - e.g. to the Kolyma and in the Tscherskigebirge around 1990 were only dissolved. Itwere however often less offender than rather political prisoners and prisoner of war, who were spent there.

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Blick von Robben Island auf Kapstadt
view of seals Iceland of Capetown

around the escape from prisoners to to prevent, one has her in former times often uplittle or nearly uninhabited islands ships. However of it hardly possibilities for suitable work were present on many. Admits are among other things:

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Punishing island Château d'If, in the background Marseille

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