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a strike is a collective strike (Verweigerung), to lend with the goal, in the context of labor disputes to the raised demands reproduction.The employees exercise their right of lien of the worker opposite the employers.

Streik der Müllabfuhr (Mannheim 2006)
Employer can answer strike of the garbage disposal (

Mannheim 2006) with lockout.

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“we are hungry!” This battle call is in a papyrus of the writer Neferhotep (today kept in Turin under the number 1875) thus as the first well-known strike of history 1156 v. Chr.documented. With the building of the dead temple in Medinet Habu in Egypt von Ramses III.employed workers put on the tenth day, in the second month of the winter time in the year 29 (for instance in the middle of November) of the regency of the Pharao Ramses III the workdown, because they had long not been remunerated two months.

The first strike of Germany took place 1329 in Breslau : at that time the Gürtlergesellen struck for one year.

The longest strike in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany began to 7. October 2005 and took exactly a half year up to 7. April 2006. By the trade union NGG the German address of the Catering was closed by strike - company GateGourmet, a subsidiary of Texas Pacific Group, at the airport Duesseldorf.

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a strike is tatbestandlich usually an extortion or a compulsion. The right to strike becomes in Germany however from kind. 9 exp. deduced, thus a strike is justified 3 of the Basic Law and usually not punishable. Carrier of this labor dispute measuremay since newest only the trade unions be. Of not recognized representativeses for the employees, which must be not necessarily trade unions, carried strikes - thus spontaneous strikes - become frequently as “outlaw strikes” designation. In Germany these are for some time illegal. Neverthelessif they are used as weapons, although also differently defines (about than operational information meetings), so last in October 2004 with OPELs in Bochum. 1975/76 a so-called took. outlaw strike and an accompanying work occupation in a Zementfabrik in Erwitte (Westphalia)449 days. Both the strike and the counter measures of the company (notices) were illegally rejected later by the Federal Labor Court as. Its iurisdiction was subjected in such questions to often strong fluctuations.

One differentiates between the token strike, a relatively shortStrike, and a proper strike. Such is only permissible after running out the valid collective agreement. Only if the collective bargaining officially for failed explains and - within most tariff ranges - which was rejected conciliation saying of a neutral conciliation commission, those expires Peace obligation. The introduction of a strike requires besides still from unionized side the strike resolution of the governing board. Usually also a strike ballot is accomplished before, in which for the strike must tune 75 per cent of the union members concerned.

Before the gatesthe closed by strike enterprises stand usually so-called.Strike picket. These are to express on the one hand that the enterprise is closed by strike, on the other hand are it work-willing employees from the work to hold, which goes however beyond the right of lien.

Employee, thosehowever in the closed by strike enterprise work, of the strikers strike breakers are called. They receive occasionally from the employer a so-called “strike breaker premium”. Also 1-Euro forces are partly used of the work agency illegally as strike breakers. In euro-reserve army - articles of the young world

In Switzerland applies the “work peace “. It is justified on a peace agreement between employer and employee's associations from the year 1937. Strike s take place therefore in Switzerland only rarely.

political strikes

in Italythe strike is a recognized expression of the political expression of will (approximately against Berlusconi).

The general strike after the cut Putsch 1920 in Germany led to striking down the Putsches. In this case the democracy was threatened and by the general strike was defended. ThoseParis May unrests of 1968 and the following general strike led to new elections, wage increases and a university reform in France.

In Germany political strikes are forbidden. This is justified with the fact that in a parliamentary democracy the political will decision by for itintended organs in the constitutionally planned procedure freely from obligations to to meet is.

also strikes give strikes

outside of the working life outside of the working life. They are characterised by the fact that itself the involved ones the usual operational sequence orTo events consciously and purposefully refuse or these obstruct, in order to make or to them reproduction lend certain demands clear. Thus with student protests frequently enterprise of the university and the training meetings are closed by strike, although actually the students themselves the “product” of the universityare. A consumption - the boycott and the purchase Nix day represent strike .

strike forms

  • general strike: Strike of all employees of a national economy
  • Vollstreik: Strike of all persons employed of an industry
  • surface strike: see Vollstreik
  • total strike: see Vollstreik
  • partial strike: Only determinedGroups of employees or plant departments strike.
  • Point strike: Alternating departments or production locations are closed by strike.
  • Pinpoint strike: Operatingimportant employees strike.
  • Operating strike: Seize all persons employed of a certain enterprise.
  • Defense strike: Prevention of degradations of the conditions of work or social security.
  • Token strike: only 1-7Hours, lockout not protest strike
  • is then worth: Limited, directed go-slow strike against a concrete
  • incident: One works more slowly than normally. See also service according to regulation.
  • Solidarity strike: to the expression of the solidarity for colleagues of another enterprise
  • sympathy strike:see solidarity strike
  • outlaw strike: “disorganized”, spontaneous strike, without support of a trade union.
  • political strike: Strike against or for political goals, in Europe usually permitted in Germany forbade
  • sit-down strike (also “sit in”): The strikers remain dormant on the job; can also in the form of road blockades happen, in order to demonstrate for certain political goals. See also seat blockade.
  • Consumer strike: Word creation for a form of the boycott of goods or services.
  • Tax strike: Revolt of the taxpayers approximately as does not legitimize noticed spending,Income politics
  • hunger strike: Meal essenverweigerung
  • pupil student strike: The pupils or student boycott the training meetings.
  • Organized strike (gewerkschaftl. genemigter strike)

compulsory arbitration

an alternative to the strike is common the compulsory arbitration, with that the conflict parties the saying onecertain mediator recognize from the beginning. In US Federal States, where strikes are forbidden in favor of of compulsory arbitration in the labor disputes, the wages are not lower than in the striker Federal States. Proponents of the compulsory arbitration point out that by the smaller productivity losses thatCompulsory arbitration on a long-term basis even higher wages to be paid would know (however do not become).

Above calling permits obviously no conclusion on the Nichtnotwendigkeit of strikes. In Germany many Nichtgewerkschaftler do not receive the same wages as tariff-bound, thereby it union members become even.

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  • Statschka [strike], direction: Sergeij M. Iron stone, USSR of 1924
  • brothers, direction: Werner high tree, Germany 1929 - over the general strike in Hamburg port 1896/97
  • salt OF the Earth, direction: Harsh ore J.Biberman, the USA 1953, long strike of the mountain workers inSilver town center
  • La Reprise you travail aux usines Wonder, direction: Jacques Willemont France 1968 - short film over the resumption of the work after May 68
  • Harlan County, U.S.A., direction: Barbara couples, the USA 1976

“buddy struck thirteenMonths, in order to wring the mine owners the first collective agreement out in the history of coal mines in their County. Did not only have to intersperse itself buddy against the owners and shareholders, but also against armed strike breakers and troublemakers as well as not last approximatelya corrupt union leadership. “Daniel Krönke

  • facing reality - ensuring of locations strike (2004, 11 min, German). Short Doku over the wild strike in October 2004 with OPEL Bochum 106MB, MPEG, down loadable
  • the television film “Shada” from the series of Doctor Who could because of a strike inStudios to be finished and fragment did not remain. Only the field recordings essentially became finished. On the Videokasette with the fragment the strike is called “industrial action” (industrielle action).
  • we strike - the Song as MP3, 5.5MB

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