Strewing fruit places of the yearly

different organizations determine strewing fruit places of the yearly, in order to make attentive on the decrease of these cultivated plants.


The selection of the strewing fruit places of the yearlytaken place after the endangerment of the cultivated plant and their meaning as well as the decrease of the cultivation. The associations are endeavored to receive the variety of the cultivated plants. (The consultation with the nursery gardens may play thereby also a role, because the sorts should be available.)

past ones strewing fruit places of the yearly in bathing Württemberg

1999 Karcherbirne
2000 fuel cherry Dolleseppler
2001 red Sternrenette
2002 Sülibirne
2003 Dattelzwetschge
2004 Luikenapfel
2005 Palmischbirne
2006 Danziger Kant apple

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