Striptease (film)

film data
of German titles: Striptease
original title: Striptease
production country: The USA
feature year: 1996
length (PAL - DVD): 113 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 12
direction: Andrew Bergman
film script: Andrew Bergman
production: Mike Lobell
music: Howard shore
camera: Stephen gold sheet
cut: Anne V. Coates

Striptease is an US-American film of the director Andrew miner from the year 1996.

Table of contents


Erin Grant (Demi of moorlands), a former FBI secretary, works now as Stripteasetänzerin in the night club Eager Beaver. She tries to earn by this job money for their process. In the process it concerns the custody for its daughter Angela (easily of moorlands' s real daughter Rumer Willis). The custody is with the father, who uses however its daughter for criminal business.

The congressional representative Dilbeck (Burt Reynolds) purges to the dancer and booked her for solo appearances on his yacht and promises it to worry about the process. A regular customer, who saw and photographed the delegate, wants to likewise help the dancer, by extorting Dilbeck. It must pay this attempted blackmail with the life. The Detective Garcia is assigned the murder investigation. One of its traces leads it to the dancer Erin Grant.

In an abandoned factory building it comes on the one hand Showdown, the moved forward police arrests Dilbeck. Garcia asks Grant jokeful whether this would like to go into the policy, particularly since a seat in congress of US becomes free; this rejects this.


the actress Demi of moorlands received for the role of the Stripteasetänzerin Erin Grant a fee of over 12 million US Dollar. Such a high fee received no woman in Hollywood before it still for a film. With this high fee the producers could persuade Demi of moorlands to the naked appearances in this film.

one suggested to honors the film Striptease in the year 1997 for altogether 7 golden raspberries. From these seven nominating the film six could win. Among the winners also Demi was moorlands, which could win worst actress in the category. The other categories in those the film to win knew are: worst film, worst director, worst originals Song, worst film script and worst film duo (Demi of moorlands and Burt Reynolds). With the choice of the worst film of the decade Striptease to the five nominated films, belonged organized in the year 2000.


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