symbol h, (°)
dimension time (t)
SI 3600 s

the hour, of althochdt.: stunta (stand, stay), designates the four-and-twentieth part of a daily. It is a unit of the time. The unit symbol is h (v. lat.:hora). As legal unit it may be used beside the SI-UNIT second. Due to the non decimal partitioning first a conversion is in seconds necessary with scientific computations.

The organization of the daily into twice twelve, thus twenty-four, hours comes up backthe Babylonier, which used the Sexagesimalsystem. Since today's atomic clocks can measure the time very exactly and the rotation speed of the earth varies, the hour again defined as 60 minutes directly 3600 seconds.

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full ones hour

than full hour designates one the beginning of the minute of unity, thus for example to 08:00: 00; it is also calledimpact eight ". The term comes along that (inabove example) “the respected hour” becomes full. To „the full hour “numerous regular procedures begin as for instance the hour impact of clocks.

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1 h = 60 min = 3600 s

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