of unmanned Fahrzeugstunt into “the Black Forest hospital”

Stunt comes from the English and is called as much as „particularly skillful or daring feat “. The word is eingedeutscht and in the purchase on photographs will be used with priority, with those the dangerous scenes, which are not to be zugemutet star , by Stuntmen or Stuntwomen settled however already very much.

There are many different kinds of Stunts. The most frequent are:

  • Falls, z. B. of stairs or buildings
  • of jumps z. B. from windows
  • produced fights, also with (firing) weapons…
  • Stunts with vehicles z. B. Accidents, trick driving

the Stuntfirmen offer usually complete achievements, as so-called 2nd to unit (Second unit).

Contained in it are among other things

with Fahrzeugstunts, which would be too dangerous even for the Stuntman, becomes a remote controlled vehicle or a computer-controlled vehicle - computer control LED Vehicle - (CCV system) used. Thus spectacular vehicle Crashs can (e.g. Frontal impact, estimate, fall into a ravine, etc.) without risk to be accomplished.

Nowadays Stunts are accomplished frequently before the Bluescreen, since this method is very versatile and harmless. Thus z becomes. B. for a deep fall the participant in a Studio hung on rope and a wind machine provides for the wind coming from downside. Over the computer the blue canvas is then replaced by a moved background; approximately by an admission, which was taken up by a parachutist. This principle becomes also with motorraces, pursuits, fights on driving courses etc. used. Also the rope with the help of the computer are away-deleted, so that the cinematic illusion is not disturbed.


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