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a long and steeped in tradition history has ballet in Stuttgart. It decreases/goes back up to the year 1609 at the Württembergi yard. For over 40 years ranks Stuttgart ballets now among the prominent ensembles of the world. The legendary director of ballet John Cranko justified this call alsomany praised Choreographien and its outstanding ensemble. After Marcia Haydée is now for seven years Reid Anderson one director of the Stuttgart Compagnie and guarantor for the fact that Stuttgart ballets further at the world point dances.

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historical overview

18. , 19. , 20. Century

renowned to Choreographen and directors such as Jean Georges Noverre (1759 - 1766), Filipo Taglioni(1824 - 1828), August Brühl (1891) and Oskar Schlemmer (1916 - 1922) created for the Compagnie in Stuttgart works and develop a small troop.


Nicholas Beriozoff the director of ballet one appointed. It created a solid basis with productions from the classicalRepertoire.


walter Erich shepherd, the general manager of the Württembergi national theatres, appointed John Cranko the director of ballet of the Balletts of the Württembergi national theatres. With John Cranko began in Stuttgart the bloom time of the Balletts. At the beginning Cranko created small Choreographien and collected a group ofDancers around itself, among whom also Egon Madsen, smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Cragun, Birgit wedge, Susanne Hanke and above all the young Brazilian dancer Marcia Haydée were. In it John Cranko found its MUSE and a Ballerina, their outstanding tänzerischen and schauspielerischen abilities he fulland to completely exhaust should.

December 1962

with the premiere of Crankos Romeo and Julia succeeded the break-through at the world fame for Cranko, Haydée and the entire troop. From critics and from the public umjubelt, this production rang the large era of the Stuttgart Balletts.Small choreographische jewels followed like among other things Jeu de Cartes, Opus 1 and initials R.B.M.E as well as great action ballet of the Widerspenstigen Zähmung, Onegin and Carmen. He loaded also George Balanchine, Kenneth MacMillan and Peter Wright in, ballet for its Compagnie toochoreographieren and to specify. With increasing fame the ballet of the Württembergi national theatres began to accomplish tours in the whole world.


during first appearance of the Compagnie in New York began critics triumphalen to speak of” Stuttgart ballet miracles “. Further extremely successful tours, as toExample to Israel, France and into the Soviet Union, secured the world fame of the young troop and its creative Choreographen/director. In addition encouraged Cranko its dancers to even choreographieren and used itself for the Stuttgart Noverre society, which supports also today still young Choreographen. The list of the Choreographen,their first ballet in Stuttgart created, and almost all members of the Compagnie were, are long and contained among other things Jirí Kylián, John new Meier, William Forsythe, Uwe Scholz, Renato Zanella and Christian spit.


only twelve years afterits arrival in Stuttgart John Cranko died to 26. June 1973 unexpectedly on the return flight of a successful USA tour. After income of a sleeping pill Cranko suffered a allergischen shock during the flight and deceased without medical assistance. The Compagnie met and decided, the life's work of their Mentorsto receive and resume.


after a two-year Interregnum with the American Choreographen Glen Tetley as a director of ballet, took over Marcia Haydée the artistic line of the Stuttgart Balletts. Under Haydée the repertoire of the Stuttgart Balletts grew substantially. Renowned Choreographen such as Maurice Béjart and Hansvan Manen as well as John new Meier, Jirí Kylián, William Forsythe and Uwe Scholz created new works for the troop. Beyond that Marcia Haydée drew a new generation up of talentierten dancers and main header the technical level of the troop. After 35 years Marcia said good-byeHaydée 1996 of their loved troop and their loyalen public.

September 1996

Reid Anderson took over the artistic line of the Compagnie that, 1969 engaged by John Cranko, 17 years long than soloist of the Stuttgart Balletts danced. From 1986 to 1996 Anderson one pursued onesuccessful career as a director of ballet in Canada. When Anderson one returned to Stuttgart, he tapered the Compagnie with 21 young dancers, who lent Stuttgart ballets new energy. Andersons first two play times were both with the critics and at the public an overwhelming success. Eight premieres andnine first performances enriched the repertoire of the Compagnie substantially.


Reid Anderson, since 1996 director of the Stuttgart Balletts, receives the German dance price 2006. With the honor, to 11. February 2006, also the meaning of the Stuttgart Compagnie is lent is appreciated, dividedthe association for the promotion of the dance art in Germany also. „The Stuttgart Hauschoreograf Christian spit the first soloists Alicia Amatriain and Jason Reilly receive as well as the dance price to future “2006.

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