Stuttgart school

as Stuttgart school style directions in architecture are designated, which became to represent Stuttgart from the department of architecture of the technical university taught and.

The most well-known representatives of the “first” Stuttgart school between the two world wars were Paul Schmitthenner, starting from 1918 professor for building construction and sketching, as well as Paul Bonatz, admit by the draft Stuttgart main station, in addition William Tiedje, Heinz Wetzel, Martin Native of Alsace and Hugo the Keuerleber.

This school rejected historicism, however nevertheless one represented classically and conservatively coined/shaped building method. The shape of a building should develop for work-fair building method, implemented in traditions relating to crafts and with natural materials, from the construction material and. With the architectural concept of the building house she could not make friends herself, which led for example to violent criticism at the Weissenhof settlement.

After 1945 one spoke those of the “second” Stuttgart school, of the generation around smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Döcker, Rolf Gutbrod and Rolf property beer, late Hans's treasurer, Peter C. by being flax, Jürgen Joedicke and Klaus Humpert was represented.

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