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the Stuttgart newspaper is a daily paper with spreading in completely Württemberg. The edition amounts to since 2004 daily 150,000 copies.

The Stuttgart newspaper is well-known for their seriosity. No West German regional newspaper is quoted in such a manner frequently by broadcasting corporations. Its sister sheet Stuttgart message has a higher edition, but a smaller requirement. The Stuttgart newspaper is successor of the traditional of Stuttgart new day sheet of 1843.

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Stuttgart new day sheet appeared from 1843 to 31. March 1943. Follow-up newspaper is the Stuttgart newspaper for the first time, to 18. September 1945 appeared. The new Stuttgart messages appear for the first time to 12. November 1946 likewise under the license of the American military government.

day sheet tower

to 5. November 1928 drew the editorship Stuttgart new day sheet into the again built day sheet tower in Stuttgart center. There becomes up to 31. March 1943 the liberal-democratic “Stuttgart new day sheet” written, draws up, set and printed.

After the end of the Second World War there into September the Stuttgart newspaper drew 1945. With the excerpt to the Stuttgart newspaper in the year 1978 fifty ended years of the use of the day sheet tower as publishing house house. Since then the tower accommodated a sales office of the Stuttgart newspaper, office and the urban mechanisms.

press building Stuttgart Möhringen

the seat of the editorship and the publishing house is common since 1987 in Stuttgart Möhringen in the Plieninger road in the new “press building Stuttgart pressure GmbH”, with the Stuttgart messages, Fellbacher newspaper, Sunday current and Stuttgart weekly papers.


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  • Rainer unit train († 15. November 1971 in Stuttgart, traffic accident), followed Josef Eberle as an editor-in-chief in the year 1971 up to its early death.
  • Successor as managing directors became Egon short (* 1917, † 2006). It is considered as a founder Stuttgart models with two editorialally independent newspapers in a large city.
  • Dr. jur. Thomas's spoon wood (* 7. November 1932 in Wiesbaden) was appointed 1983 the editor-in-chief of the Stuttgart newspaper, until it changed 1995 to the daily paper 'the world '.
  • Dr. Uwe Vorkötter was editor-in-chief of 1996 - 2001
  • since 1. April 2002 is Peter Christ its successor. Peter Christ (* 1948 in Neheim coughs) studied national economy in Münster and Cologne, was an unsalaried employee with “Kölni round-looks” and then editor of the Stuttgart newspaper. As director/conductor of the restaurant editorship and correspondent in east Berlin he was 13 years long during the weekly paper “the time”. As an editor-in-chief with the “manager magazine” and with the “newspaper of Baden” and the “Saxonian newspaper” he was active thereafter. Since April 2002 he is the editor-in-chief of the Stuttgart newspaper.

Erich Schairer price

in the memory of Dr. Erich Schairer, the politically engaged journalist, publisher of the Sunday newspaper and later co-editor of the Stuttgart newspaper, becomes annually from the Erich Schairer Journalistenhilfe registered association. and the Stuttgart newspaper a promotion price for young lady journalists and journalists publicized.

group of publishing houses

the chief partners of the South West German media getting thing GmbH (SWMH) are with 44.36 per cent each the media union GmbH Ludwigshafen and the group of Württembergi publishers. The SWMH is among other things to 75 per cent in the Stuttgart newspaper, to 80 per cent in the Stuttgart messages and involved since 2002 with 18,75% to South German publishing house (South German newspaper Munich).


the political correspondent of the “Stuttgart newspaper”, Stefan violonist, received to 27. April 2005 the Riehl Heyse price for its essay property, donated by the partners of the South German publishing house, obligates.

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