Sub Notebook

 Sony VAIO PCG-431M Subnotebook mit 10,4" Bildschirmdiagonale und PCMCIA-WLAN-Karte
Sony VAIO PCG-431M Subnotebook with 10,4 " screen diagonal and PCMCIA - WLAN - map

Sub Notebook is the name for a particularly small and easy Notebook with a screen diagonal to maximally 12 tariff and a weight under 2 kg, which frequently in the equipment to an adequate Notebook makes smaller near-handed, however usually done without optical drive assemblies and the keyboard.

There are exceptions, which with an adequate keyboard or also devices, which are equipped with an optical drive assembly.

The border to keyboard-claimant Palmtops are flowing; as demarcation criterion frequently the presence of of an adequate serves x86 (= " PC " -) operating system, usually Windows XP, or power PC (= Apple -) an operating system.

Disadvantages of these handy devices are partial the small screen, reduced keys with small stroke and - due to the size - small Akkus, which reduce the running time without mains connection opposite adequate Notebooks.

See also: 100-Dollar-Laptop


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