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Subaru is a Japanese automobile mark of the company Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI). Although Subaru the largest manufacturer of all-wheel drive - passenger car is, he is compared with many its competitorwithin the automobile range very small, but nevertheless since years high-profitable. Subaru is the only car manufacturer, whose vehicles are delivered exclusively with all-wheel drive.

The Subaru 360 is one of the first models of FHI

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origin of the Firmenlogos

the first vehicle of FHI was built 1954 and designated after the star cluster of the pleiads, which on Japanese Subaru is called (literally: together-do). In Germany one calls the pleiads, due to that seven stars which can be recognized well, also filter tightness forehead, in Japan however only six stars is counted, so that the Firmenlogo of Subaru exhibits only these six. The model was selected, because the heap of star of ageago in Japan is and the company admits FHI once from six different companies united. The Firmenlogo symbolizes this Gestirn.


Subaru is admits for its vehicles with permantem all-wheel drive, when Symmetrical AWD designates (reference to the symetrische interpretation of theAll-wheel drive), and the use of double-piston engines, which contribute by the small overall height to the deep emphasis and are very run calm by design-conditioned good mass reconciliation.

The vehicles are equipped to a large extent also with a Hill Holder in such a way specified. The Hill Holder is a back roll brake, those the brake pressurewhen stopping at upward gradients also keeps upright if the driver takes the foot of the brake pedal. The brake is only released with renewed starting again. Rolling back the vehicle at upward gradients is avoided by this system and thus starting is facilitated.

Furthermore often belongs inBrightschalter so mentioned for vehicle equipment, by which the Abdimmen of instrument lights can be regulated with switched on headlight. These equipment details are to enjoy cult status in certain clienteles.

history of the all-wheel drive

Subaru XT (1985)

already 1972 placed Subaru with the Subaru Leone 4WD station Wagonfirst mass production passenger car of the world with insertable all-wheel drive forwards. The vehicle was, as with Subaru usually, equipped with a double-piston engine. To lead back this offer was on the advertisement of a Japanese servicer, which needed a compact car with all-wheel drive, around also off lying current and supply linesexamine and to wait to be able. Subaru won this advertisement, one decided to bring the cars also on the regular consumer market. Only later, in the year 1980, AUDI than further manufacturer brought eight years with the AUDI quattro a mass production road vehicle with permanent all-wheel drive on thatMarket. With Subaru the permanent all-wheel drive only 1985 with the Subaru XT was introduced. Until 1994 became, depending upon model, one of the two techniques assigned, starting from 1994 then only the permanent all-wheel drive, which is called since then AWD.

Subaru in the autohaven

Rallye world championship

Rallye world champion car: Subaru Impreza

since 1990 fights to Subaru with modified versions of its vehicles, first with the Subaru Legacy and starting from 1993 with the Subaru Impreza, around successes in the FIA Rallye world championship WRC (World Rally Championship).

The team and its driverswere already several times successful thereby. Thus one became in the years 1995, 1996 and 1997 first of the team valuation. In addition 1995 Colin McRae, 2001 smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Burns and 2003 Petter Solberg won in each case the driver valuation of the WRC.

In the other years the Subaru occupiedWorld Rally team and/or. reserved its drivers mostly second or third seats.

other ones

also with other Rallyes are used because of the series all-wheel drive frequently Subaru vehicles.

In addition the Subaru Legacy set up several perseverance and speed records for series vehicles into the 1990ern.


Heavy a work in Hungary operates co-operation Zusammem with Suzuki, in which to a large extent identical vehicles Subaru Justy and Suzuki Ignis (before Suzuki Swift) are produced.

In Ohio/the USA Subaru OF America operates a work as well as Isuzu, in thatand. A. the Subaru Outback and vehicles by Isuzu to be manufactured.

From 2000 to October 2005 general of engine held a 20%-igen portion of Fuji Heavy and it some automodels was developed together and marketed. Thus z became. B. the Saab 9-2X on basis of the Subaru Impreza develops, or the Subaru Traviq (in Germany was not available) on basis of the OPEL Zafira. Also was considered to bring a new model of the Justy on basis of the OPEL Corsa on the market which was not carried out nevertheless then however.

Since October 2005 a co-operation between Fuji Heavy and Toyota exists. Toyota is with approx. 8 per cent at Fuji Heavy takes part. Together various new models are to be developed.



Subaru Forester
Subaru Legacy

Japan and the USA

AMI-Präsentation des R1
revision modification presentation of the g 1
  • Subaru Alcyone (corresponds to the Subaru XTand/or. SVX)
  • Subaru Baja
  • Subaru Leone (corresponds to the L-series)
  • Subaru Loyale (corresponds to the L-series)
  • Subaru g 1 (speak: run)
  • Subaru R2 (longer version of the g 1)
  • Subaru SAM bar
  • of Subaru Traviq (corresponds to the OPEL Zafira)

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