South Kivu

south Kivu
base data
capital: Bukavu
surface: 65,070 km ²
inhabitants: 2.837.779 (1998)
population density: 43.6 Einw. /km ² (1998)
ISO 3166-2: CD-SK

south Kivu (dt. Südkivu) is a province of the democratic Republic of the Congo with the capital Bukavu.


the province lies in the east of the country and borders in the north on the province north Kivu, in the south on the province Tanganyika, in the west on the province Maniema and in the east on Burundi, Rwanda and the Tanganjikasee (Tanzania).


the province developed 1988 during the allocation of the former province Kivu. Already of 25. April up to 28. December 1966 existed a province south Kivu.

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