Sues (often also Suez, hocharab. السويس as-Suwais, äygptisch it-Swēs expressed) is a city in Egypt at the north point of the Red Sea, which runs out here into the gulf of Sues, at the delta of the Sueskanals.

Sues is appropriate for 135 km far away from the Egyptian capital Cairo eastward. The city has 478,553 inhabitants (conditions 1. January 2004). Probably Sues stands on the place of the old Klysma, from the Arabs Qulzum mentioned. It was well-known before the discovery of the sea route to India around the cape of good hope as large envelope place of European and Indian goods, purged however thereafter and counted with beginning of the canal constructions of only 1,500 inhabitants. After completion of the Sueskanals the city flowered. Their meaning as transit port for the Eastern Asia trade and passenger traffic (in the special one after Mekka) help the economy to an enormous upswing. During the six-day war with Israel in the year 1967 the city was evacuated occasionally completely and pulled strongly in. The damage is to be seen still partial also today.

The main sources of income are today the oil refineries, petrochemical and iron-processing industry. Also some artificial fertilizer factories settled here. Sues is seat of a part of the Sueskanal university.

The city consists of the Arab quarter and the European quarter regularly put on with a vice-regal mansion. Southeast new, modern quarters developed for the old part of town, which are built on former bottom of the sea.

In the northeast is appropriate the delta here 2 for m and. M. lying fresh water channel (Ismailia - channel) with a large air-lock work. To the harbor facilities, which are far in the sea out-built, long dam leads a 3 km; on this the railway runs to the port basin, haven Ibrahim mentioned, with lighthouse and the statue of the second lieutenant daring horn.

15 m a broad Fahrdamm leads to the again up-poured port peninsula haven Taufīq.

twin cities

  • since 1985:Skopje, Macedonia

coordinates: 29° 58 ' n. Break, 32° 33 ' o. L.


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