Sully Prudhomme

Sully Prudhomme [syˈli pʀyˈdɔm] (* 16. March 1839 in Paris; † 7. September 1907 in Châtenay Malabry; actually René François arm and Prudhomme) was a French writer. It became 1901 first Nobelpreisträger for literature. Its most well-known poem, Le vase brisé(1865), which speaks of unfortunate love, to be found was long decades in nearly all French readers and also German Französischbüchern.

lives and work

Prudhomme buildup in Paris in a well catholic family and made at the Lycée Bonaparte the maturity examination first inscientific branch (scientifique baccalauréat) and then in the old-linguistic-literary branch (de lettres baccalauréat). After short activity as an engineer at the rising company Schneider (the French Krupp) in Le Creusot it completed law studies and worked, again only briefly, as a lawyer in Paris.

There it alreadysince many years wrote poems, he deliberated with center 20 upon his ererbtes fortune and dedicated themselves to the literature and philosophy completely, whereby he tried to connect the world of the technology and the science with that of the spirit and the beauty.

First wroteSully Prudhomme, as it as an author called itself, artful ziselierte poems in that rather cools manners of the Parnassiens (collected published in Stances Poèmes et, 1865; Les of épreuves, 1866; Les of écuries d'Augias and Les of solitudes, both 1869). Its participation in the Prussian-French war 1870/71processed it in Impressions de la guerre (1872) and La France (1874).

From this it swivelled over on a “poésie personal”, i.e. Poems, which formal elegance with beautiful pictures, beautiful thoughts and beautiful feelings obligingly/pleasingly united and by the readers of the time were likewise goutiert,how the obliging/pleasing philosophical essays over various topics, which it understood to write and in large number produced.

1881 it as man of letters recompenced with the admission into the Académie française, 1895 as moral authority recognition with the appointment as the Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur (knights of the Ehrenlegion). When 1901 the first literature Nobelpreis was lent, received him like naturally Sully Prudhomme, then well-known and estimated in completely Europe he was.


  • Stances poèmes ( poems, 1865) Les
  • of épeuves ( poems, 1866) Les
  • of solitudes ( 1869) Les
  • et destins (Poems, 1872)
  • La justice (poems, 1878)
  • Croquis Italy
  • Les of vaines tendresses (1875)
  • Le prisme (poems, 1886)
  • Le bonheur (poems, 1888)
  • will poétique
  • journal intimate
  • Réfléxions sur l'art verse (essay, 1892)
  • the Épaves, (poems, postum 1908)

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