Super audio Compact disk

the super audio Compact disk (SACD) is digital a data medium and a special form that Versatile disk (DVD), which by Philips and Sony was developed. On that super audio CD are only tonus formations stored like music, language, sounds orNoises.

The SACD could become, beside DVD audio, one of the follow-up media audio CD (CD-DA). Which medium will become generally accepted, seems to be open. It is well possible that even both are replaced by newer developments, as for instance the HD-DVD and Blu ray the disk.

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SACD should be an improvement that audio CD. SACD uses the delta sigma procedure in such a way specified. That means that the audio Stream is long only 1 bit, however with a scanning rate of 2.8224 MHz (64*44,1kHz).(Normal audio CD contains audio data with 16 bits dissolution with 44.1 kHz scanning rate.) delta sigma analogue-digital converter are with given quality more simply and cheaper to build than conventional A/D transducers, and/or. achieve with same price a clearly better quality.

Due to substantially higher Samplingfrequenz (sampling rate), a larger frequency band width anda SACD is to sound to a clearly extended volume range of over 120 railways better than a conventional audio CD, high-quality amplifier and transducer components presupposed. In addition know on a SACD up to 109 minutes two-channel clay/tone and/or. up to 80 minutes multi-channel clay/tone to be noted.

More-canal supports the super audio CDSurround sound with up to six channels, contrary to Dolby digital nearly loss-free compresses. Multi-channel-clay-purely is contained on the clay/tone carriers optionally.

SACD stores audio data in a compressed file format, the Direct Stream transfer (DST). Coding, differently than with that audio CD becomes, the copy-protected DSD procedure (Direct Stream digital) uses.

copy protection

digital contents on a SACD are by a copy protection against the unwanted spreading protected. Player give contents stored on a SACD digitally - if at all - only over special connections on Firewire - basis (IEEE1394) out.Otherwise the data are spent only over the similar exits.

Most DVD Player can show neither DVD audio nor SACD. Also on PC drive assemblies playing of SACD is not possible (excluded the CD-Layer of one hybrid disk).


gives three types of super audio CDs:

  • Zweikanal SACD based on DVD-5,
  • (Zweikanal SACD based on DVD-9???), (me it is not well-known unfortunately whether 2-Kanal-Geräte can use both Layer)
  • Mehrkanal SACD based on DVD-9 (Layer 1 contains 2-Kanal-Version, Layer 2 multi-channel version),
  • hybrid disks from CD-DA and SA-CD

with the hybrid disk - technology a CD and becomeDVD Layer on the disk applied. The DVD (SA CD) Layer is appropriate from the laser seen over the CD-Layer and is for light with a wavelength of 780 Nm, which is used for CD scanning, transparency and reflected only for light with a wavelength of 650 Nm, which for DVD scanning usedbecomes. It contains the audio data in SA CD quality. The CD-Layer which is under it contains completely „normal “audio data in CD quality (16 bits, 44,1 kHz) and is visible only for CD players „“. This procedure makes possible a compatibility both with the new SA CD players and the old CD players, these can nownaturally only the audio data of the CD-Layers read. Most SA-CDs is manufactured at present with this procedure.

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