Surya Bonaly

Surya Bonaly (* 15. December 1973 in Nice) is a French Eiskunstläuferin.

Surya Bonaly with the ISU Schaulaufen 1992 in West Berlin you

is the first Französin, who won here an European champion title. In addition she is the first woman of the world, which a four-fold jump in the Wettberwerb, a quadruple Toeloop, with the world championships 1991.

Sometimes Surya Bonalys place of birth is indicated as La Réunion. It is safe that she was adopted in Nice as a baby from an orphanage. It buildup on a farm. Its foster parents, Susanne and George Bonaly, gave 1985 up because of Suryas ice art running the farm and pulled from Nice to Paris. She was discovered by Annick and Didier Gailhaguet. Surya Bonaly operated before it to the ice art running came doing gymnastics, Trampolinspringen and Tumbling (an not-olympic variant of the soil doing gymnastics), everything also match-moderately. In the Tumbling it became like later also in the ice art running even junior world champion.

Medal with olympic ones plays remained it malfunctioned. With the world championships 1994 it did not feel from the price judges around the victory betrogen themselves and entered the winner landing first.

Also as profile outer holidays it was quite successful. She became here the first woman with a one-legged landed Rückwärtssalto.

Surya Bonaly lives today in read Vegas, Nevada, the USA.

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