Susan Sontag

Susan Sontag.

Susan Sontag (* 16. January 1933 in New York; † 28. December 2004 in New York) was an US-American authoress, Essayistin, a Publizistin and a rain eating urine. It is admits for its employment for human rights as well as Kritikerin of the socialConditions and the government of the United States of America.

Susan Sontag was in-born as Susan rose sheet into a Jewish family and is the daughter of an export dealer and a teacher. It was drawn up by grandparents, when parents were in the republic China.

AsSusan was six years old, died their father at Tuberkulose. The nut/mother married again; the name of the stepfather was Sontag.

1949 went to Susan Sontag to the university into Chicago and studied French, literature and philosophy. 1950 - with 17 years - marriedit the sociologist Philip Rieff, with which it published a study over the influence of victory mouth Freud on the modern culture. Since the 1970er - years lived it in a relationship with the Fotografin Annie Leibovitz.

Susan Sontag lived in the quarter Chelsea in New York. It went government as sharp Kritikerin Bush - in particular the Iraq war into action. It applied beside Mary McCarthy and Joan Didion as femme de lettres. Large Anerkenneung found its essays to the aesthetics and Hermeneutik in photography, film, literature and Art. It died at the age of 71 years in New York at leukaemia.

Susan Sontag was buried at the Cimetière Montparnasse, Paris, France.

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in the year 2000 becameit in the USA with that national Book Award, the highest book price of the USA excellently.

In May 2001 she got the Jerusalem price 2001 on the Israeli book fair in Jerusalem. With the receipt it ensured with violent criticism at the State of Israel and its politicsto the Palestinian autonomy areas for attention.

Sontag became as Vermittlerin between the USA and Europe to 12. Octobers 2003 in the Frankfurt Paulskirche the peace price of the German book trade lent. With the celebration were numerous personalities from politics, art and economics present. The Laudatio held Ivan nail, the Preisträgerin as “learned Europeans” designated. The demonstrative absence of US Ambassador Daniel Coats during the ceremony criticized it in its thank speech, in which it sought to overcome the increasing gap between Europe and the USA.


and ifone the word „cowardly “into the mouth takes, then it should be applied better to those, which implement retaliatory strikes from the sky, and not on those, which are ready to die separately in order others to kill. If we speak of courage, the only morally neutral, Then one knows virtue the assassins - which would be to be said one always otherwise also about her - not to accuse: that they are cowards. (Frankfurt general newspaper of 15. September 2001; English in The New Yorker one of 24. September 2001)



  • Alice in bed U: Play Bonn 1991
  • baby U: Thalia theatre Hamburg 1994
  • the woman of the sea U: Teatro Communale Ferrara 1998; DE: German theatre Berlin 2003

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