Suzanne Lenglen

Suzanne Lenglen
Suzanne Lenglen

Suzanne Rachel Flore Lenglen (* 24. May 1899 in Compiègne, † 4. July 1938 in Paris) was a French Tennisspielerin. Lenglen was the dominating Spielerin of the early and middle twenties. Their graceful play way and their unusual occurrence made it one the first world star of the sport. Between 1919 and 1926 it won 25 Grand Slam title.

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Suzanne Lenglen - a balance

Lenglen won altogether 25 titles with the later Grand Slam - tournaments. However the championships were only opened for French starting from 1925 for international participants. Up to this time Lenglen had obtained already 4 victories.

Lenglen was to be achieved 1920 the first Spielerin, to which it succeeded, with international English the tennis championships in Wimbledon in all three competitions (single, double and Mixed) the title. A success, which it also 1922 and 1925 could repeat.

Their first single title in the year 1919 and it added still five further (1919-1923 and 1925) and comes so altogether on 15 victories into Wimbledon.

Lenglen was successful also with the olympic plays 1920 in Antwerp, where she could achieve two gold medals ( single and Mixed) as well as bronze medal (double) for their country.

Altogether the Französin won 81 tournaments in the single, about which she did not achieve less than 7 without the loss also only one play. Besides it triumphed 73 times in the lady double and reached 8 titles in the Mixed.

The Französin mentioned by fans and press only “the Göttliche”, who besides ten times hard place world champion was (four times in the single as well as ever three times in the double and Mixed), became only 39 years old. It died at leukaemia.

Suzanne Lenglen

legendary was also it for conditions at that time scandalous occurrence. Lenglen entered the place quite often with open Pelzmantel. “The Göttliche” completed its plays besides with daring Dekolleté, naked arms and white socks without Unterrock. Nevertheless: Lenglen was never referred the place. Although Suzanne Lenglen never played an official tournament in that only 1928 finished Stade Roland Garros, the cup for the Siegerin in the lady single of the French open does not only carry today their name. Also the centers Court of the Stade Roland Garros is designated after the large Französin.

Suzanne Lenglen is considered as one of the best player inside all times.

early years

Suzanne Lenglen became as a daughter of Charles Lenglen and Anaïs SuzanneLenglen in Compiegne born. In its child and youth time it sufferedat chronic asthma and a multiplicity of health problems. Father Charles Lenglen - a very wealthy forwarding agent - decided to strengthen the fastened health of his daughter by intensive sport. Opportunity for this was offered on the tennis court of the family on their messuages in Marest sur Matz. Into the year 1910 the small Suzanne reached for the first time to the racquet. By the increasing enthusiasm and impressed by the talent of its daughter, Charles Lenglen put the goals more highly and began with more consistent training, whereby one of the exercises practiced consisted of meeting one on the playing field platzierten glove.

Only four years after the first attempts Suzanne Lenglen stood in the final of the French championships 1914 . The tournament - the forerunner of the later French open - was at this time and until 1925 only for members of French tennis clubs opened. The fourteen-year old Lenglen lost Marguerite Broquedis against the title defense scarcely in 3 sets of 5:7 6:4 and 6:3. In the same year it won the international sand place championships in Saint Claude and completed during the tournament their 15. Lebensjahr. The outbreak of the First World War stopped the hopeful career of the young Französin - for the time being.

unbroken dominance

contrary to French the championships, which took place only in the year 1920 again, open English the championships in Wimbledon were already delivered 1919 again. Lenglen, which played for the first time on grass fields, reached the final game at first attempt and faced there the seven times winner Dorothea Douglas Chambers. Both supplied themselves with hochspannendes to duel, which as one the dramatic Finals entered tennis history. Lenglen won scarcely in three sets of 10:8 4:6 and 9:7 and secured themselves 21jährig its first Grand Slam - titles. But the unusual quality of the play of the Französin did not only become the daily discussion. Rather also Lenglens clothes excited large attention, which, contrary to their traditionally completely veiled opponent inside, left the lower arms and calves almost uncovered - a scandal for the time at that time. The British public did not however only show up in view of the generous occurrence of the young Französin shocked. Rather one registered raunend that the Französin erfrischte itself during the page overflows schlückchenweise with Brandy.

With the olympic plays of the yearly 1920 in Antwerp Lenglen dominated the single competition of the ladies. On their way to gold medal lost it only whole three plays - all in the final against the Britin Dorothy Holman. Besides it secured with its compatriot max of Decugis further gold medal in the mixed double and achieved themselves bronze in the lady double.

From 1919 to 1925 Suzanne Lenglen won all Wimbledon - titles in the single. Only 1924 must explain it due to asthmatic problems after the fourth round their renouncement. Vn 1920 to 1926 triumphierte it also with French the championships, which were opened since 1925 also for foreign players.

failed debut in America

Lenglens only real defeat in a match in this time occurred in the context of an unplanned appearance with US open 1921. Lenglen had decided to use their popularity to collect for the reconstruction of war-destroyed French areas money. For this it planned to play in the USA some looking fights against norwegischstämmige US open Siegerin Molla Bjurstedt Mallory. With the long passage on lake the Französin under heavy seasickness and asthmatic caused cough suffers. When Lenglen in New York town center arrives, she hears surprised that the supervisors of US open - without ever its agreement to have caught up - had announced the participation Lenglens. Despite that the Französin already at this time at ever more violent cough suffers, bends themselves her the pressure of an inspired and expectationful American public. Surprisingly no setting list is present, so that Lenglen already meets in the prelude play the title defense Bjurstedt Mallory. Lenglen loses the first set of 6:2 and at the beginning of the second passage by heavy cough cramps is vibrated that she must explain the abort of the play. Their outlet becomes the Spiessrutenlauf. A disappointed public scoffs the Französin and also the American press is full the criticism. A doctor will state later that Lenglen under whooping cough suffers. The Französin calls her looking fights off. Lenglen, in Europe as “the Göttliche” is admired, turns in view of these experiences struck down and disappointed to Europe back.

After her recovery the Französin reflects upon compensation. In the Wimbledon - final game of the next yearly meets Lenglen again the American Bjurstedt Mallory and sweeps it in 26 minutes with 6:2 and 6:0 of the place. Some months later meet one another both again with a tournament in Nice . Mallory does not win a play.

the last year as amateur Spielerin

in their last year as Spielerin with the amateurs succeeds to the Französin, who is already a living legend, their largest appearance on a tennis court: In February 1926 it meets in the Carl clay/tone club in Cannes to the first and only mark the American Helen Wills Moody . Wills, which is 7 years younger with 20 years than Lenglen, is already double US open - winner and the late and early 30's 20's will likewise dominate like Lenglen since 1919 .

The interest of the public on meeting the past and the future of the lady tennis is indescribable and does not drive the admission fees into not known heights. The enthusiasm is so large that even the roofs and windows are full the tennis court surrounding buildings with look-merry. The past triumphiert again over the future: Lenglen triumphs to 6:3 and 8:6 and is nevertheless in several phases of the play a cycle collapse close.

Lenglen course seems later to take some weeks on its sieved title in Wimbledon. But the British queen Queen Mary waits in the Royal box in vain for the appearance of the French tennis queen. Lenglen, which erroneous-proves had believed that their play is shifted on a later time, feels in view of this unbeabsichtigen incident, which British monarchists and the tournament line understand as offense of its queen, to the collapse close. Lenglen withdraws its participation in the tournament. It is their last appearance on the “holy lawn” to the Church Road.

further one sporty career than professional Spielerin and last years

Lenglen was the first large female tennis star, to the professionals the changed. For a series of looking fights in the USA against Mary K. Browne, the winner of US open from 1912 to 1914, receives the Französin at that time the sum of 75,000 US Dollar, sensational for conditions. Their American Gegnerin is 35 and the current Finalistin of the French open , where she lost against Lenglen 1:6 and 0:6. Besides it had won US open from 1912 to 1914.

For the first time in the history of the tennis sport a lady match controls the headlines. When her first meeting in New York the Französin plays so dazzling up the fact that the reporter the New York Time speaks of one of the best plays that ever at an American place took place. When the series of the looking fights ends in February 1927, Lenglen won all 38 plays against Browne. The Französin is exhausted and gets the medical advice to hold a longer time distance to the tennis in order to recover again.

Lenglen decides to withdraw itself completely from the match haven and bases with the help of and the financial support of her life companion Jean Tillier a tennis school in Paris. It is appropriate for the venue of the French open in direct proximity to the places of Roland Garros. Already soon - in the year 1936 - the academy changes itself to the training center of the French tennis federation. In this time Lenglen writes also some books concerning its sport.

In June 1938 the French press communicates that Lenglen at leukaemia is gotten sick. Later the former queen of the tennis sport goes blind to only three weeks. Lenglen dies to 4. July 1938 and is buried at the cemetery Cimetière de Saint Ouen with Paris.

Grand Slam - victories in the single

French open: 1920-1923, 1925-1926 Wimbledon: 1919-1923, 1925

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