Suzi Quatro

Susanna (Suzi) Kay Quatrocchi (Quatro) (* 3. June 1950 in Detroit) is one of the most well-known representatives of the Glam skirt into the 1970ern to beginning of the 1980er years.

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their parents Helen and kind Quatrocchi drew a family up with three sisters and a brother in the Detroiter suburb large punchline . Their father had own volume - kind the Quatro Trio.

At the age of 8 years Suzi Quatro the first time with their father arose. In the consequence it took instruction to classical piano, until it turned at the age of 14 years to the skirt and roll. Suzi Quatro called itself Suzi Soul and played the bass with the Pleasure Seekers, a Detroiter volume, in which also their two sisters Arlene and Patti were engaged.

Like many the garage volume at that time took up they also a single . With Never Thought You'd Leave Me/What A Way ton the attained it local fame and also the follow-up single, now already for the supraregional label Mercury, did not floppte. After its return Arlene 1968 left the volume, in order to largetighten their children. For it their sister joined Nancy of the group.

1971 called itself the group over in Cradle and it played now more harder skirt and its own pieces. At this time the music producer Mikie Most saw the group, while he produced a new plate with Jeff Beck in Detroit. It invited Suzi Quatro to England , in order to work with it on a solo career. At the end of of 1971 arrived it at London ; only with a suit-case and their bass guitar. She spent two years to Studios around Songs to write and take up. The first solo single under its name - Rolling Stone - became in Great Britain a flop, but in Portugal it jumped 1972 at place 1. Now volume arranged with the Suzi on route went.

Were engaged to beginning of 1973 by Mickie Most two new composers for its company RAK. This were Nicky Chinn and Mick Chapman. Both wrote `s first number 1 hit CAN The CAN to Suzi. With its Lederoutfit and its loud road skirt ascended Suzi Quatro immediately world-wide to the ungekrönten Rockqueen. It had particularly large success in Europe, Australia and Japan. When it took up a version of the Elvis Presley hit universe Shook UP, the King heard its version and loaded it thereupon after Graceland in, which rejected Suzi however.

In the U.S.A. its 1977 a TV-role in the Sitcom Happy Days were offered. Suzi interrupted its Japan route and accepted the offer for seven consequences.

1978 married Suzi Quatro its guitarist of many years Len Tuckey in England.

End of the 70's ended co-operation with the RAK label. Suzi Quatro co-operated however further with Mick Chapman . Large hits do not arrive to it however starting from this time any longer. It could prove their schauspielerischen ambitions in different guest appearances in English series.

To 23. September 1982 was born its daughter Laura. After the birth Suzi Quatro already briefly carried it forward on route, which led her by England and Australia. In October 1984 it brought her second child, their son to smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Leonard to the world.

Andrew Lloyd Webber wanted to absolutely engage Suzi Quatro 1985 for the title part in the musical Annie GET your Gun. Suzi accepted the role. The premiere was 1986 with large success in the Londoner west ends to Theatre. Its musical commitment took some years. 1989 went it then on a very successful route through the Soviet Union.

After sixteen years marriage Suzi and its man Len decided 1992 to be separated to be able. 1993 worked Suzi Quatro on its musical Tallulah Who. In the center in the 30's the well-known actress Tallulah Bankhead was located. In the October of the same yearly Suzi married its second man, the German route Promoter Rainer Haas.

, It later moderated some albums and routes, which led her approximately around the world 2000 a BBC Radioshow with the title Rocking With Suzi Q.

Suzi Quatro moderates on BBC2 (DO. by 23:00 clock - 1:00 clock) and tourt further approximately around the globe.

At the 17.Februar 2006 the long new album expected by their fans appeared named “bakes tons the drive”.

to Singles

  • 1972 Rolling Stone
  • 1973 CAN The CAN
  • 1973 48 Crash
  • 1973 Daytona Demon
  • 1974 Devil gate drive
  • 1974 Too bend
  • 1974 The game One
  • 1975 Your Mamma Won't Like ME
  • 1975 I bit off More Than I Could Chew
  • 1975 I May Too Young
  • 1976 Tear ME distinctive
  • 1976 Make ME Smile
  • 1977 Roxy scooter
  • 1978 If You Can't Give ME Love
  • 1978 The Race Is on
  • 1978 Don't CHANGE My Luck
  • 1978 Stumblin' in (Suzi Quatro with Chris Norman)
  • 1979 She's in Love With You
  • 1980 Mama's Boy
  • 1980 I've Never Been in Love
  • 1980 skirt hard
  • 1980 Glad universe Over
  • 1982 Heart OF Stone
  • 1984 I Go game
  • 1985 Tonight I Could case in Love
  • 1988 incoming goods Found Love
  • 1989 baby You're A star
  • 1991 The Great Midnight Rock'n roll House party
  • 1991 Kiss ME Goodbye
  • 1992 Love Touch
  • 1993 Fear OF The Unknown
  • 1995 What Goes Around


  • 1973 Suzi Quatro
  • 1974 Quatro
  • 1975 Your Mamma Won't Like ME
  • 1975 The Suzi Quatro story 12 golden hits
  • 1976 BRAVO presents: Suzi Quatro
  • 1976 Aggro Phobia
  • 1977 live and Kickin'
  • 1978 If You Knew Suzi
  • 1979 Suzi… and OTHER Four type character Words
  • 1980 skirt hard
  • 1982 Main Attraction
  • 1986 Annie GET Your Gun (sound TRACK)
  • 1989 skirt Til Ya drop
  • 1990 The game One - The Greatest hit
  • 1991 Oh Suzi Q
  • 1995 What Goes Around
  • 1996 The game One: Classic Quatro (US version)
  • 1998 Unreleased emotion
  • 2002 Then and Now
  • 2002 Wake UP Little Suzi
  • 2004 A's, B's & Rarities
  • 2006 bake tons of The drive

of TV-appearances

  • 1974 Happy Days (“Happy Days Again”) (TV) as Leather Tuscadero
  • 1980 The Kenny Everett video show (TV) as it (episode # 3,1)
  • 1982 less (TV) you plays the “Nancy” (as Suzy Quatro) in the episode: “DEAD Men DO Tell of valley” (episode # 3,1)
  • 1985 Dempsey & Makepeace (TV) you plays the “Catherine Warren” in the episode: “Love You ton of Death” (episode # 2,3)
  • 1994 Absolutely Fabulous (TV) a nurse in the episode: “Hospital” (episode # 2,1)
  • 1999 Never Mind the Buzzcocks (TV) as it (episode # 6,6)
  • 1999 This Is Your would run (TV) as it in the episode “Suzi Quatro”
  • 2001 Heart throbs OF the 70s (TV) presentation

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