Sveinn Björnsson

Sveinn Björnsson (* 27. January 1881 in Copenhagen; † 25. January 1952 in Reykjavík) was a first president of Iceland.

It became to 27. January 1881 in Copenhagen born and 1912 into the town councillor von Reykjavík selected. After a short time as a delegate in of Iceland parliament, which oldhung, and of Iceland independence from Denmark (1918) it was appointed as a Minister into the government. 1940 were occupied Denmark by German troops and Iceland completely autonomously - Denmark had before kept the responsibility for of Iceland foreign policy -, and Björnsson was selected to the regent by Iceland. In this function he transferred the rights and obligations, which the Danish king had had before. When Iceland became 1944 republic, oldhung Björnsson selected to the president. It was red-elect 1945 and 1949 without rival candidates.

Björnsson died in the office to 25. January 1952 in Reykjavík.


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