Svend Johannsen

Svend Johannsen (* 15. October 1903, † 16. February 1978) was a Danish minority politician in Schleswig-Holstein.

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lives and occupation

Johannsen visited the German upper material High School in Flensburg and studied afterwards theology in Frederikia, where it put 1930 down the theological exam. 1932 followed the teacher exam. At the 1. August 1933 transferred Johannsen the line of the Danish “Ansgar Skolen” to Schleswig. After the war he became editor-in-chief of the “Südschleswig homeland newspaper”.

minority politics

already in its youth engaged themselves Johannsen in the Danish minority in Südschleswig. Because of critical expressions over the Nazi rule he was arrested in May 1940 and sat by September 1941 in the concentration camp Saxonia living.

When from the Danish culture federation SSF (Südschleswig association) on pressure of the British crew power, which wanted to know the cultural and the political manipulation of the minority separately, the SSW was out-based out, Johannsen became 1948/49 its a first chairman. Its earnings/services were it to create structures able to work for the new party and thus the basis for the political work.

Later Johannsen on European level engaged itself, in order to be able to pass its organizational experiences on in the minority work to other groupings. Like that it was 1963 to 1967 president of the “Föderalisti union of European groups of peoples”.

public offices

1945 to 1948 was Johannsen of second mayors von Schleswig and also school adviser of the city.

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