the term Swing designates

  • a music direction, which developed into the 1930ern from the jazz dance music, sees to Swing (music direction)
  • a flowing, “swinging” Rhythmik, which represents one of the most substantial elements of the jazz. In German literature as demarcation to dance style and epoch stylewith small initial letter written.Duke Ellington coined/shaped A with its title “It don't mean thing (if it ain't got that swing)” the basic formula for all jazz musicians. See swing (rhythm)
  • a dance style, which was popular into the 1930ern in the USA,and to the music direction the Swing one danced:Swing (dance)
  • a component library for providing graphic surfaces for the programming language Java, see to Swing (Java)
  • a computer game development company, see Swing! Entertainment Media AG
  • tolerance volume as a component of mutual trade relations. See to Swing (economics)
  • financial agreement betweenthe Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic - a kind overdraft. See German-German relations
  • a term from the choice research, which the average change of the difference in proportional voice portions between () two (large) parties designates.
  • Interpreter: v.a. “King OFSwing " Benny Goodman; further well-known picking up vein: Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington
  • film (1999): Lisa Stansfield
  • CD (OST-1999) interpreter and others: Lisa Stansfield, Georgie Fame, Ian Devaney
this side is more named a term clarifying for distinction several the same wordTerms.

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