Sylvia Benzinger

Sylvia Benzinger (* 16. August 1978) from the Weinbaugebiet Pfalz is the German wine queen 2005/06. She is the daughter of the winegrower Volker Benzinger and his Mrs. Inge, which operate the Weingut Leiningerhof in Kirchheim at the crying race. The father is native Pfälzer, the nut/mother comes from the Mosel.

After Sylvia Benzinger already at the 1. October 2004 to 66. Pfälzi wine queen selected and this office was one year had long had, won it to 7. October 2005 in new city at the crying race against twelve competitor inside the choice to 57. German wine queen and thereby successor of the Moselanerin Petra Carpenter became. Already 1997/98 had it as wine countess their homeland region, which represents historical Leiningerland, in which the German crying race has its northern beginning.

Sylvia Benzinger, which completed its training in Baden-Wuerttemberg, works as diploma Weinbetriebswirtin in the parental enterprise. They control English and French. The importance of correct handling foreign languages experienced it, like it gladly told, with an amusing incident during their official attendance as a Pfälzi wine queen in China. In Peking it of an interpreter cordially welcomely been called as “Weinkäserin “.


  • 1997/98 wine countess of the Leiningerlandes
  • 2004/05 Pfälzi wine queen
  • 2005/06 German wine queen

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