Sylvie van the Vaart

Sylvie Françoise van the Vaart Meis (* 13. April 1978 in Breda, the Netherlands) geb. Meis, is a Netherlands host, actress and a photo model.

Since 2003 are it as a host in the Dutch television with MTV watch. To 10. June 2005 married it the football player Rafael van the Vaart. After the two saw themselves for the first time, Sylvie Rafael loaded to their 25. Birthday. According to its reports it conquered its heart with the fact that it gave it as gift a leotard of Ajax Amsterdam, which carried the number 25 and their names.

It was probably the most important reason, why Rafael changed van the Vaart to Hamburg Sportverein, because Sylvie was invited by the woman of the association president to the Shoppen to Hamburg and schwärmte thereafter from the city at the Elbe.

Further reasons for the change away from Amsterdam were the insults by fans in the stadium and pursuit by the Netherlands boulevard press.

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