the symptom (Greek σύμπτωμα símbtomma „reference “, of syn „together “and pípto „fall “) is a subjectively felt complaint, the effect of an illness or an injury. One calls a combination of several symptoms or the process of a symptom also(with the adjektivischen form) a symptomatology ( the term of the hospital is nearly synonymous). Symptoms become occasional into „subjective “(by the patient noticed) and „objective “(by the physician ascertainable) disease characters differentiated. An objective symptom is called also clinical indication.

Symptomatic in the medicine are called:

  • Therapy procedures, which suppress only the unwanted symptoms of an illness, because a causal treatment is not necessary or possible (for example high fever with virus infections),
  • for illnesses, which cause recognizable complaints, thus for instance for pain.

Usually a symptom is the cause that a patient looks for medical or psychotherapeutischen advice. Other symptoms are discrete (hides, a little remarkably) and are only noticeable with detailed questioning.

Often the description of the guiding symptom raised in the anamnesis is enough if necessary andfurther symptoms out, in order to place a diagnosis and introduce an appropriate therapy. In less clear cases the description of the symptom must be evaluated together with indication ( inter+subjectively ascertainable disease characteristics).

Several symptoms and indications partly become a syndromesummarized, above all, if still ambiguity exists over the more exact disease emergence (the pathogenesis). Often here however fundamental trips (the etiology ) are admit (surplus or missing Chromosomen with genetic syndromes), without one would know however, why exactly thoserespective observed symptoms and no different arise.

At the symptom complex however again several symptoms and indications are summarized, without one could identify a concrete trip, let alone the exact disease emergence.

Like that difficulty in breathing is an important guiding symptom, behind that differentCauses to put can. The diagnosis can be limited by recognizing and judging indications:

  • Injuries in the chest range or indication of a rib german type and Nebenluftgeräu point lungs on a perforation .
  • Vibration frost would be a further symptom, fever an indication of a grippalenInfekt or a pneumonia.
  • (For example by questioning of the patient) well-known a allergische arrangement is a reference to possible asthmatic complaints.

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