film data
of German titles: Syriana
original title: Syriana
production country: The USA
feature year: 2005
length (PAL - DVD): 128 minutes
of source language: English and. A.
Age release: FSK 12
direction: Stephen Gaghan
film script: Stephen Gaghan
production: George Clooney, Ben Cosgrove, Jeff Skoll, Steven Soderbergh
music: Alexandre Desplat
camera: Robert Elswit
cut: Tim Squyres

Syriana is an US-American feature of the kind thriller from the year 2005. The director was Stephen Gaghan, which wrote also the film script on the basis the book lake NO Evil of Robert bear. The main role plays Kayvan Novak and as most important Nebendarsteller plays George Clooney. In Germany the film started to 23. February 2006.

Table of contents


the action strands is linked with one another and adds themselves to a coherent history from greed to oil and of the fight for money and power. This conflict coined/shaped by multiple corrupting finds inevitable on all sides its victims.

The CIA - Agent Bob Barnes (George Clooney) loses a Stinger rocket, which falls into the hands of terrorists during an action in Iran. Elements of the rocket are used, in order to build a bomb, with which a suicide assassination attempt is accomplished on a tanker of the Connex Killen - company.

In Texas the resident oil company Connex belongs to the largest energy enterprises of the world. After the enterprise lost oil fields in a unnamed Arab country, it tries, to transfer other oil fields to Kazakhstan. For this purpose it fuses with another company, Killen, which possesses oil promotion rights in Kazakhstan. The completion of the fusion the law office is assigned by Dean Whiting (Christopher plummer).

The energy expert Bryan Woodman (matte Damon) becomes acquainted with privately the Emir of an anonymous state and becomes the advisor of the son of the Emirs, the prince Nasir. This plans to accomplish democratizing reforms in its country but its father, the seriously ill Emir, hands power over to his scruplesless brother, who has the cover of the USA. Nasir wants to terminate the influence of the USA on its country and organizes a coup d'etat. Since the interests of the USA in the oil fields are threatened in this state, Nasir is classified of the CIA as a terrorist. The agent Bob Barnes contradicts this estimate and tries to prevent on own fist its murder by an armed drone. It arrives however to late and dies, together with Nasir, with the impact of the rocket.

A further action strand told, how two poor young Pakistani than cheap oil workers in the rich Saudi Arabia are humiliated unemployed and partly and of the Annehmlichkeiten of a Koranschule entice, ever more deeply into extremistic circles to be pulled. They lead finally with other o. A. Suicide assassination attempt assistance of Fischerbooten through.


became and. A. the large number of different action strands criticizes. David Ansen called the film in the magazine Newsweek complex and fascinating. The film is regarded also as indication for a Repolitisierung of the American cinema.


George Clooney one praised for his play by critics and won 2006 golden to the Globe and the OSCAR as best Nebendarsteller, while Alexandre Desplat did not intersperse themselves the film music of the composer against the competition could. Stephen Gaghan won the price that for the film script national board OF Review. In addition the film won the bad clay/tone Society OF film Critics Award for the best Casting.

background and trivia

  • background dependence on the oil and the problems in peak oil are described.
  • Production costs of the film amounted to approx. 50 million US Dollar.
  • Syriana is a technical term, it comes off by pulling together Syria, Iraq and Iran .

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