base data
state: Poland
Woiwodschaft: Lebus
district: Żagań
surface: 10.94 km ²
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 51° 34 ′ N, 15° 30 ′ O
51° 34 ′ N, 15° 30 ′ O
height: 132 m and. NN
inhabitant: 12.648 (31. Dec. 2004)
Postal zip code: 67-300
telephone preselection: (+48) 68
Kfz characteristics: FZG
economics & traffic
of branches:
Road: Zielona Góra - Jelenia Góra
railway: Berlin - Breslau
of next ones int. Airport: Airport Breslau
kind of municipality: City and land municipality
municipality arrangement: 23 localities
surface: 232.31 km ²
inhabitants: 21.788 (2004)
mayor: Novel Rosół (2006)
address: Rynek 45
67-300 Szprotawa
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Szprotawa (German. Sprottau) is a city with 13.256 inhabitants in the Woiwodschaft Lebus in Poland. It is because of the delta of the Sprotte right in the Bober and belongs to the Powiat Żagański .

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Sprottau was since 1816 seat of the Prussian district Sprottau. In the 1. Half 20. Century was economical the city in high bloom by iron, textile - and wax object industry. Additionally a furnace factory offered more than 400 jobs, 1939 had the city of 12,578 inhabitants. 1945 were Sprottau too approximately 90% destroyed. After the war she was driven out Polish and and the German population. In the year 1946 the city Szprotawa counted only 2,672 inhabitants, this was again predominantly refugees from the former. Polish east areas, the today's Ukraine and white Russia. Sprottau possesses a catholic city parish church worth seeing, of 13. /16. Century was built.


to the municipality Szprotawa belong beside the city the localities Biernatów, Bobrowice, Borowina, Buczek, Cieciszów, Długie, Dziećmiarowice, Dzikowice, Henryków, Kartowice, Kopanie, Leszno Dolne, Leszno Górne, Nowa Kopernia, Pasterzowice, Polkowiczki, Rusinów, Siecieborzyce, Sieraków, Szprotawka, Wiechlice and Witków.

objects of interest

Kirche in Szprotawa
church in Szprotawa
  • gothical church (14. - 17. Jh.
  • Remnants of the Stadtmauer
  • city hall
  • Maria Ascension Day church
  • pc. - Andreas church
  • of community centres
  • Evangelist church
  • former monastery buildings

of sons and daughters of the city

of twin cities

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