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Menschen bei der Ausübung einer Erwerbtstätigkeit
Acting, an active its

of humans , designates humans with the practice of an acquiring activity activity ( activity) andcan both physical and mental performing contain. As far as activities serve the pastime and desire gain of active humans directly, they are summarized under the play term. Activities, which are appropriately and purposefully to the fulfilment of certain individual and social obligations aligned, are summarized under the term work.

Under the work term one generally differentiates occupation - and/or. Gainful employment and honorary activity.

This can be specified by allocation from activities to certain fields of activity on the one hand within the public range, e.g. Politics, culture; on the other hand within the private sector of the spare time (hobby) etc. One speaksalso of manipulation and means with it again somewhat general activities of most different kind.

As active humans are considered today generally humans with a positive life attitude, which socially or individually relevant performs and effectuation (see also life attitude).

“Inactivity” has accordingly negative priority.This leads to problems during the social appreciation and self-assessment of humans, who cannot attend to a regulated activity: among other things Unemployed person, mentally or physically obstructed or old-becoming.

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