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TNAW (total Nonstop Action Wrestling) is an US-American Wrestlingliga by Jeff the Jarrett and Jerry Jarrett in May 2002 was based, and meanwhile Panda energy belongs. The seat of the league is in Nashville (threshing floor lake) and the shows are produced in Orlando (Florida ). The most important title of the graduation is the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, which is held momentarily by Christian Cage.

Like at that time the WCW (until 1992), then co-operates also today TNA with the NWA (national Wrestling Alliance). One dissociated in particular from the NWA and calls themselves correct-proves only TNA now (before: NWA-TNA), but one extended nevertheless 2003 the contract by 10 years. For this reason also all titles (except the X-division title) are called NWA title.

TNA is the first league in the USA, which uses not the 4-Eckigen-Ring, but a 6-Ecken-Ring. Actually the Hexagon from Mexico is well-known, however it was not used before in the USA. As the further peculiarity of the TNA is to be called that there are two entrances for the Wrestler, then have Heel - and Face - Wrestler their own entrance range to the ring.

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after the locking of the WCW and ECW in May 2001 the combat kind well-known as Southern and Cruiserweight Wrestling was used, not far of Vince McMahon. This market gap wanted to use TNA and win thus fans, who the product of the WWE does not please so much. To 10. May 2002 was then created by J of sport Entertainment (a company of Jeff and Jerry Jerrett) the TNA.

it succeeded

to take large obligations TNA in the run the time some very well-known Wrestler under contract, which let TNA become clearly more well-known. Here more drunter are to be called:

  • At present the former Dudley Boyz team 3D
  • Hulk Hogan (unique appearance)
  • Rhyno
  • Scott Steiner
  • Jeff Hardy
  • Christian Cage Christan with the WWE Sting
  • ( largest TNA obligation it TNA succeeded there to return Sting with a filling time contract, which already tried WWE years long and never created) bubbles

before now the rumor kitchen over further of star particularly from caliber never been so far in TNA. On the list gold mountain, Chris Jericho for the moment, which Ultimate into Warrior (brought itself in the Gespäch, stands completely far above) and break Lesnar which TNA the WWE competition would surely finally make.


  • A1 (team Canada)
  • Abyss
  • A.J. Styles
  • Alex Shelley
  • Andy Douglas (The Naturals)
  • Austin Aries
  • BG James
  • Bobby Roode (team Canada)
  • Chase of Stevens (The Naturals)
  • Cassidy Riley
  • Chris Sabin
  • Chris Harris (America Most Wanted (AMW)) (NWA day team champion)
  • Christian Cage (NWA World Heavyweight champion)
  • Christopher Daniels
  • Christie restrains
  • David Young
  • Eric Young (team Canada)
  • Gail Kim
  • Homicide
  • Jackie Gayda
  • James Mitchell
  • James Storm (AMW) (NWA day team champion)
  • Jay Lethal
  • Jeff Hardy
  • Jeff Jarrett
  • Jerry Lynn
  • Johnny Devine (team Canada)
  • Kevin Nash
  • Kip James
  • Konnan
  • Lance Hoyt
  • matt Bentley
  • Norman smiley
  • Petey Williams (team Canada)
  • timetime time Elix Skipper
  • Puma
  • Raven
  • Rhino
  • Roderick Strong
  • Ron Killings
  • Sabu (has no firm contract)
  • Samoa Joe (X-division champion)
  • Scott Steiner
  • Sean Waltman
  • Senshi (formerly Low AI)
  • Shark Boy
  • Simon dia. moon
  • Sonjay Dutt
  • Sting
  • team 3D (bread ago Ray & bread ago Devonian & bread ago Runt)
  • Traci


as first something to the titles in the TNA give it to 3 title the NWA Heavyweight champion of which with the WWE and/or. in the WWE is comparable to the World Heavyweight champion. Then it gives the day to team Titles which with EN WWE titles is comparable. In the end there are still the X-Divison champions of which similarity with the Cruiserweight champion has, however not by weight is limited. The X-division Matches can be held around this title is mostly the best with TNA by everyone and.

  • NWA Worldheavyweight champion: Christian Cage
  • X-division champion: Samoa Joe
  • day team champion: America Most Wanted


the first TNA PPV took place in the year 2004 and hies “Victory Road”. Main vent was Jeff Jarett vs. Jeff Hardy. The most important PPV with TNA is “Bound For Glory”. “Bound For Glory” is comparable with Wrestlemania with the WWE.

In addition TNA has the following PPVs:

  • Finally resolution
  • Against universe Odds
  • Destination X
  • LOCK down
  • hard Justice
  • Slammiversary
  • NO Surrender
  • Sacrifice
  • LOCK down
  • Bound For Glory
  • genesis
  • Turning POINT

TNA Impact!

TNA Impact! the weekly Fernsehshow on spike is TV (comparable with WWE Raw or SmackDown!). Impact! becomes on Mondays for 2 or 3 consequences before the spectators in the Impact! - Zone noted and Thursday in the USA radiated. After the repetition of TNA Impact! , the Saturday evening weekly in the USA radiates themselves, can one on the Website the graduation,, the current Impact! - Downloaden consequence. To time of the large Professional Wrestling leagues offers this exclusive service for all fans only TNA!

TNA in Germany

TNA Wrestling is also one in Germany well-known Wrestling - graduation. The TNA Impact! - Shows are radiated since September 2005 by the paneuropäischen sport channel euro sport in at present still irregular distances. On a large TNA Fansite (TNA fans) know itself fans the Impact! - Consequences also with German comment download and about the current happening in the league inform.


it gives all PPVs of 2005 on DVD to Bound For Glory. In addition there are some Best Ofs:


  • Best OF Christopher Daniels DVD
  • Best OF X-division vol.1 (2 DVDs)
  • Enigma: Best OF Jeff Hardy DVD
  • Nevermore: Best OF Raven (2 DVDs)
  • Phenomenal: The Best OF AJ Styles (2 DVDs)

TNA Multimedia

TNA signed a contract with Midway Games. Thus a TNA video game will appear.

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