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of these articles treats the general meaning of the term daily paper, for those the daily paper (taz) sees the daily paper

a daily paper is one several times weekly, today usually daily from Monday to Saturday, appearing newspaper, the one comprehensive reportingoffers and to a general public addresses themselves.

Daily papers are differentiated according to their circulation area as local newspapers and supraregional newspapers. A special form of the daily paper is the boulevard newspaper. Nearly all daily papers in Germany appear meanwhile as morning edition, i.e. the feed takes placein the early morning hours.

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A forerunner of the daily paper were daily the message bulletins appearing in old Rome, the Acta diurna.

The first daily paper of the modern times appeared at the 1. July 1650 in Leipzig. The Leipziger printer changed two years after end of the dreissigjährigen war andBookseller Timotheus Ritzsch its already” weekly newspaper “into a daily paper, appearing since 1643 four times in the week, over. The new “coming in newspapers “times appeared in the week starting from 1650 six. Each expenditure consisted of four sides inFormat of approximately 13.5 time 17 centimeters. The edition amounted to about 200 copies. The “coming in newspapers” were set in metal type characters, were printed them on a wooden Druckerpresse by hand.

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daily papers in Germany

Supraregional daily papers

only few German daily papers are country widely sold in the magazine trade and subscription. These supraregional subscription newspapers contain one up to the boulevard newspaper PICTURE usually quantitatively and qualitatively clearly above average policy -, feuilleton - and restaurant economics. However also these sellSheets the largest part of their edition in the closer periphery of their feature place, for which they produce usually a local section.

The supraregional newspapers are considered - beside the appearing weekly magazines of the mirrors and focus as well as the weekly paper the time - as thosemost important opinion-end press organs in Germany. They are arranged frequently in the political spectrum of Germany: Thus the FAZ and in particular the world are considered as conservatively, the South German newspaper and Frankfurter Rundschau rather as left liberal. Clearly lower edition numbers have the left-alternative taz (however with relatively high Abonenntenanteil) as well as the former SED - and/or. FDJ - Organs new Germany and young world.

The country widely spread, supraregional daily papers of Germany with feature place:

the following newspapers appear likewise Germany far, however due to their thematically limited adjustment only in reducedSenses among the daily papers to be ranked can:

daily papers in Switzerland

the most well-known daily paper is the new inhabitant of zurich as liberal-conservatively valid tradition sheet renowned internationallyNewspaper.

On the other hand the boulevard sheet view is the present-strongest daily paper of Switzerland. Further daily papers in German German: Aargauer newspaper, Basler newspaper, Bernese newspaper, the federation (Berne), new Luzerner newspaper, daily indicator (Zurich), pc.Galler day sheet and southeast Switzerland.

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daily papers in Austria

the supraregional quality daily papers of Austria are the standard, the press and the salt citizens messages.

The daily paper present-strongest with distance is however the boulevard-oriented Crowns newspaper (until 2000 “new crowns newspaper”), followed of the courier.

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daily papers in Denmark

the supraregional quality daily papers in Denmark are Berlingske Tidende, Politiken and the Jyllands posts.
Ofsmaller edition and meaning are Børsen, Dagbladet information and Kristeligt Dagblad.
As well as the moreover one there are the boulevard-oriented Ekstra bladet B.T.

daily papers in the Netherlands

the present-strongest paid daily papers of the Netherlands are De Telegraaf, that Algemeen Dagblad, de Volkskrant and the NRC Handelsblad. In West Germany these Netherlands newspapers are to be found usually up to date in the magazine trade. Since 2000 free newspapers conquer increasingly the market. Based on edition and range the free newspapers Metro stand and FR! ts in the meantime (2005) behind De Telegraaf on the positions 2 and 3.

newspaper second-hand bookshops

older newspapers for museums, archives, film and television shots and than gift (newspaper from the day of the birth, the wedding or to the anniversary) specialized newspaper second-hand bookshops offer .

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