Tagged COMMAND Queuing

Tagged COMMAND Queuing (TCQ) is to be processed a characteristic, which was originally introduced with the SCSI -2 and later then also with the SATA -1 specification, it a non removable disk permitted the instructions in different order, sent to it, in order to keep thereby the movements of write/of read heads as small as possible.

Are for example three read requirements in the instruction queue (English. COMMAND queue), then re-sorts the CONTROLLERs on the non removable disk these if possible in such a way that it can read if possible one behind the other away, without shifting the head.

Over the datarequesting CCU (and/or. the SATA or SCSI CONTROLLER) to communicate to be able that the data are not placed in the order to the order as requested, each requirement with a marking (English becomes. day) provide. So the original sequence can, e.g. essentially faster RAM, to be repaired.

See also: Native COMMANDs Queuing


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