emperors Takakura (jap. 高倉天皇 Takakura tennō; * 23. September 1161; † 30. January 1181) was the 80. Emperor of Japan. It governed of 30. March 1168 to 18. March 1180. Its name was Norihito (憲仁). Its father was thatformer emperors Go-Shirakawa, its nut/mother Taira NO Tokiko was a sister-in-law Taira NO Kiyomoris and its wife was the daughter of Taira NO Kiyomori. Kiyomori was a very powerful politician of the time at that time and held together with Go-Shirakawa actual power.

Takakura was Father of the emperors Antoku and Go-Toba, as well as grandfather of the emperors Tsuchimikado and Juntoku, whose fathers were Go-Toba and Go-Horikawa. From Go-Horikawa the today's emperor house descends.


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