Takeo Ischi

Takeo Ischi, (jap. 石井健雄, Ishii Takeo, * 3. March 1947 in Tōkyō/Japan) is a Japanese singer and Jodler. It is married since 1985 with Henriette and has a son Michael and one already the deceased daughter Julia.

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Takeo Ischi buildup in Tōkyō and studied after the school mechanical engineering, since it should take over once the enterprise of its father. But it came differently. In its spare time it was inspired by Zither and Hackbrett, so that it taught itself in Tōkyō alone playing these instruments. From the Jodlerkönig Franzl long he procured the records and learned themselves a yodelling, so that he got soon an appearance on the Japanese television. Then it went to Europe and sang in Switzerland in a tourist restaurant close Zurich forwards, where it was engaged immediately by the landlord. Then it sang with its Idol Franzl long forwards, which took it under its wings and into the transmission “early practices” with Maria Hellwig brought. Thus it became in all German-speaking countries as a “yodelling Japanese” admits. He got numerous appearances in broadcast and television and was with colleagues of the folk music on the way. In Maria Hellwigs “cow stable” in ride in the Winkl became it continuous guest.

In the last years it became somewhat calmer around it. By an appearance with Stefan Raabs transmission TV total it could win also popularity under the recent public.

success title

  • Appenzeller
  • of the dear Jodler
  • of the coast Jodler
  • new Bibi Hendl (RAP)
  • two traces in the snow
  • the import hit made of Japan
  • support sausage, beer and blowing music
  • who has only you a yodelling taught
  • Mei Bibihenderl
  • I wish yourself a Jodlerbraut
  • clarinet Muckl Jodler
  • Auf'm dance soil with the Wirtin to the star
  • if I am in love, must I yodel
  • to Suki Yaki
  • Japanese Jodler

Diskografie (selection)

  • the yodel Casanova
  • the import hit made of Japan (ruby record 170-142)

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