Takeo Takagi

Takeo Takagi (jap. 高木武雄 Takagi Takeo; * 25. January 1892 in Fukushima; † 8. July 1944 on Saipan, northern Marianen) was a Vice Admiral of the imperially Japanese navy.

After completing the naval academy 1911 was Takeo Takagi 1921 commander of a submarine. Beginning of the 1930er it undertook a study trip into the USA and to Europe. After short lecturer activity at the Japanese naval staff academy he took over some commands as a captain to sea. Thus it served Mutsu among other things as a commander on the battle ship.

At the beginning of the Pacific war was Takeo Takagi commander of a small fleet, with which he supported the landing troops on the Philippines and the Sunda islands. This combat team, which consisted of some cruisers , destroyers and chase aircraft carriers, drove also escort protection for the landing units, those as an east combat team under countering admiral Shoji Nishimura to 27. February 1942 to the invasion on Java on the way were. In the battle in the Javasee succeeded to them thereby an important victory over the allied fleet lying there.

With the battle in the Korallenmeer its fleet had to accept a sensitive defeat in the May of the same yearly however. The same happened, as it as a kommandierender Vice Admiral with the battle around Midway, the 5. Cruiser division led.

1943 received Takeo Takagi the command over the 6. Submarine fleet. At the beginning of the yearly 1944 it shifted their headquarters from Truk to Saipan in the Philippines. After the American landing fast the Japanese defeat appeared and Takeo Takagi took itself according to the rules of the Bushidō the life.


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