Tamara Bunke

Tamara Bunke (pseudonym: Tania) (* 19. November 1937 in Buenos Aires, Argentina; † 31. August 1967 in Vado de Puerto Mauricio, Bolivia). Tania la Guerrillera became admits as Kämpferin in the Guerilla - troop around Che Guevara in Bolivia.

Tamara Bunke was born in Argentina as a daughter of ethnic German emigrant, her father Erich, and its Jewish nut/mother Nadia. These returned 1952 to the GDR and lived in Stalinstadt (today: Ironworks city), where Tamara 1956 put its Abitur down at the high school Clara Zetkin. Alreadyin its youth it showed large political commitment, among other things in the Free German Youth. Their special interest applied for the Latin American revolution. During a Cuban state visit in the GDR in the year 1960 it dolmetschte for Che Guevara. In the year after it traveled to Cuba. There Tamara e.g. enjoyed special training for the underground fight, it the conspiratorial. also into the FRG led.

As itself Cuba 1966 decided to support the national release army of Bolivia (ELN) energetically, went it together with the two Cuban Comandantes Che Guevara and JuanVitalio Acuña Núñez to Bolivia. First she worked in La Paz (Bolivia) in the underground for the logistic support of the Guerrilla. After their unmasking to 21. March 1967 fled it to the fighting troop into the forests. It died in a hostile ambush toRio Grande close Santa Cruz de la Sierra as well as Juan Vitalio Acuña Núñez. Their body was found seven days later on the bank of the Rio Grande.

Tamara Bunke was after-said a not confirmed Liebesverhältnis with Che Guevara; every now and then also one states, it is toTime of their death of this more schwanger been, which is just as little proven.

Today Tania is in Cuba a national heroine. You in honours were designated the earlier poly-technical high schools in Magdeburg peace height and in Benndorf.

The nut/mother Nadia Bunke lived up to her death 2003 in a multistoried buildingin Berlin center.

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