Tamara press

Tamara press (* 10. May 1937 in Charkiw, Ukraine) is a former Soviet Kugelstosserin and Diskuswerferin of the 1960er years. Together with its younger sister Irina press, likewise light athlete, was it one half already at that time so of the mentioned “press Sisters”, which won nearly everything, which gave to win it.

With the olympic summer games 1960 in Rome Tamara won the gold medal in the ball pushing and the silver medal in the Diskuswerfen. With the Olypmi summer games 1964 in Tokyo she achieved the gold medal in both disciplines. Both in the ball pushing and in the Diskuswerfen it set up in each case six world records.

Also with European championships it was successful: 1958 became it in Stockholm third in the ball pushing, 1962 in Belgrade Europameisterin in the ball pushing and in the Diskuswerfen.

the end as beginning of the questions

the two sisters was after-said, its sex could not be specified. They were considered to some already soon at least as Hermaphroditen; in other opinion they were doped with male hormones. Spötter called the two “press Brothers”. After the determination of the sex for all internationally arising sportsmen became 1968 the obligation (these tests were again abolished 2000 in Sydney), disappeared both Sportlerinnen of the sportsman stage.

The western press understood this retreat as confession, it prevailed the cold war. The Russian newspapers disclaim this until today.

your place in contemporary history

the press sisters symbolized the lucky time of the Soviet Union after Stalins death. It prevailed that thaw, whatever late coined/shaped the policy Mikhail Gorbatschows. Tamara and Irina were typical the most popular Sportlerinnen of the USSR, their Biografien for this time:

The father died in the war. They grew up far from their homeland, since these of German troops occupied and one had destroyed. Later they completed a study at the national university of Leningrad.

the time after the professional haven

after their candidacy the EM 1966 ago by the Soviet federation had been withdrawn, made both the vocational career. Irina went to the border troops of the KGB and became there an officer. Tamara became a building engineer, wrote numerous specialized books concerning its occupation, in addition, concerning the sport. Today the two ladies in the Russian sport dress all kinds of honorary offices.


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