Tammy Crow

Tammy Crow (* 3. February 1977 in Saint Louis, Missouri) is an US-American synchronous swimmer in the olympia team of 2004.


Tammy Crow, which studies daughter of Caroline Crow, at the University OF California in Berkeley politics, communication and sociology and earns their money partially as Trainerin and with water-been awake. Thus she trains the 12 - to 13-Jährigen of the Santa Clara team.

Tammy Crow belonged to different clubs: Since 2002 Santa Clara Aquamaids Tammy Crow came to 1984-88 Clayton Shaw park Synchro, 1989-2001 whale groove Creek Aquanuts, 1998-99

UC-Berkeley Synchronists, into the media, after it to 17. January 2003 a heavy traffic accident not far of San Francisco caused. Because of superelevated speed it turned out with its jeep on the way in the ski department Dodge Ridge in a curve in centrifuges. Crows friend Cody Tatro (a sport teacher) and its pupil, the twelve-year-old boy board Slinger, died at the accident place. Crow suffered a quadruple break of the right arm, awaked only again in the emergency helicopter, which brought her in the hospital, and purged into a heavy shock condition, when she heard of the death of her passengers. Crow was condemned by the court to a payment of approximately 23,000 US Dollar remuneration at Slingers parents, as well as to a detention of 3 months, which she was to serve after the return of the olympic plays Athens.

sporty ones of successes

  • 1993 US championships rank 7
  • 1994 US championships rank 6 (team); Scottish open team rank 1, solo one rank 9
  • 1995 US championships team rank 6
  • 1996 US championships team rank 2, Duett rank 9
  • 1997 Swiss open team rank 2; US championships team rank 2, Duett rank 7
  • 1998 Swiss open team rank 2, Duett rank 3; US championships team rank 2, Duett rank 9
  • 1999 World Cup team member; Swiss open team rank 1; Olympic plays particular rank 16, Duett rank 7; US championships team rank 2, Duett rank 11
  • 2000 Rome open team rank 1; US championships team rank 2, solo one rank 7, Duett rank 3
  • 2001 world championships team rank 4, US championships team rank 2, solo one rank 3, Duett rank 5
  • 2002 World Cup team rank 3; US championships team rank 1, solo one rank 5; German open team rank 1
  • 2003, 19. December qualification as a member of the olympia crew
  • 2004 participation in the olympic plays Athens 2004


  • universe American team I (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003)
  • universe American team II (1997, 1999)
  • Ninetta Davis Athletes Representative Award (1998)
  • USSS Collegiate universe American (1998)


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