Tamora Pierce

Tamora Pierce
Tamora Pierce

Tamora Pierce (* 13. December 1954 in Connelsville, Pennsylvania) is an US-American authoress.

Tamora Pierce should actually be called Tamara, but a sister in the hospital noted the name wrongly. It has two younger sisters with names Kimberly and Melanie. With 10 Tamora with its family pulled into the proximity of San Francisco. 1969 pulled Tamora, their nut/mother and their sisters back after Fayette Country, Pennsylvania. After the High School Tamora in Philadelphia studied.

End of the 1970er years, at the beginning of the 1980er years wrote it to 732 sides a strong novel. The name of the novel was “Song OF the Lioness”. This book was divided into four parts. 1983 appeared the first volume to the row in English language. So far it wrote 20 books and published 3 Kurzgeschichten. Tamora lives today in Manhattan as well as Tim love, four cats and two Wellensittichen.

Table of contents

works (overview)

books in Tortall

Alanna - Song OF the Lioness

  • the black city (1985) - Alanna: The roofridge Adventure (1983)
  • in the spell of the goddess (1986) - in the hand OF the Goddess (1984)
  • the broken sword (1987) - The Woman Who Rides Like A one (1986)
  • the jewel of power (1988) - Lioness Rampant (1988)

Dhana - The Immortals

  • fight for Tortall (1992) - game Magic (1992)
  • in the valley being enough of the lake (1993) - wolf Speaker (1993)
  • the imperial Magier (1995) - The Emporer Mage (1994)
  • in the realm of the Gods (1996) - The Realms OF the Gods (1995)

The Protector OF the Small

(yet not appeared into German)

  • roofridge test (1999)
  • PAGE (2000)
  • Squire (2001)
  • lady Knight (2002)

The Daughter OF the Lioness

(yet not appeared into German)

  • Trickster's Choice (2003)
  • Trickster's Queen (2004)

books in Emelan


  • in the realm of the magic (1999) - Sandry's Book (1997)
  • the magic fleet (2000) - Tris's Book (1998)
  • in the valley of the thousand fires (2000) - Daja's Book (1998)
  • blue shade over summer lake (so far not appeared into German) - Briar's Book (1999)

The Circle open

(yet not appeared into German)

  • Magic step (2001)
  • Street Magic (2002)
  • Cold Fire (2003)
  • treasure-suppl.-let (2004)

The Circle Reforged

(yet not appeared into German)

  • wants OF the Empress (2005)

works (of contents)

books in Tortall


the black city:
Thom and Alanna of Trebond are twins. Thom is to go to Alanna into the palace to become in order to become knights and is into the monastery to go around a lady. Since the two this future does not fit however, they exchange the roles. Thom goes becoming into the monastery around Magier and Alanna goes, disguised as Alan becoming into the palace around knights. There she finds friends, who go with it through thickly and thinly, but them make themselves also enemies. At the end of its time as a PAGE it must mysteriösen together with the Crown Prince Jonathan the desert people of the Bazhir from curse of the “black city” to release.
In the spell of the goddess:
Alanna, those, when boy disguises, in the palace of Tortall tries to become a knight, is now Knappe. But Roger of Conté, the cousin of prince Jonathan, seems to play a wrong play. Alanna seems to be the only one, those noticed that he tries the throne of Tortall to actually tear. When she attained her sign, thus knight (in) became, exposes her him before the entire yard. However Roger cannot be pleased that combatless.
The broken sword:
Alanna, the first Ritterin Tortalls, wants to take distance from the yard for a time and rides into the desert, in which the Bazhir, which Tortalls live desert people. There it is adopted by the trunk of the bloody falcon. But the Schamane of the trunk is against it. And as then also still Jonathan, turns out Alannas feeling comes perfectly in disorder.
The jewel of power:
Alanna sent to the chieftain of the Bazhir trunk of the bloody falcon by Halef soap, on a journey. It is to let a map decode. This leads it on the trace sagenumwobenen “jewel of power”, which lends enormous power to a born ruler. Alanna makes itself on the dangerous way, the jewel to praises Tortalls to find. But when it returns thereby home, it notices that everything does not stand there to the best one.


fight for Tortall:
Veralidhana Sarrasri, called Dhana, meets on a market in Galla Onua. This is responsible for the horses of the Reiterei of the queen Tortalls. It carries Dhana forward back after Tortall. There the girl finds finally friends. But Tortall becomes of the Unsterblichen praying blank. Natures, which do not die by illness or age. However they can be killed. The Unsterblichen was condemned before 400 years into the Göttlichen realms, but recently they were released and to make now the realms of the mortal ones uncertainly. Then Dhana discovers also still another special ability. It can talk with animals. At the end it is also still responsible for a kite baby, whose nut/mother was killed.
In the valley being enough of the lake:
Dhana comes a herd of wolves to assistance, with which she lived in former times together. As Dhana and Numair, which teach it its savage magic, in which they discover valley, in which the wolves live arrive, that somewhat most strange proceeds there. A conspiracy against the crown Tortalls is under way. And then Dhana also still develops a new ability in the most unfavorable instants: It can transform into animals.
The imperial Magier:
Dhana travels together with a delegation Tortalls after Carthak, where negotiations are to take place around the forthcoming war to turn away. But the emperor Carthaks, Ozorne, has completely different plans; particularly with Dhana, which is to heal its birds, its kite baby Kätzchen and Numair, Ozornes former friend. But Ozorne is not the only one its of the own plans has. Also the cemetery witch, the goddess Carthaks, has her plans with Dhana and Ozorne.
In the realm of the Gods:
Dhana and Numair are gotten in the fight against the Unsterblichen in the realm of the Gods. As is Dhana a half goddess turns out. Their father is Weiryn, the God of the hunt. The only way back after Tortall leads Dhana and Numair by the Göttlichen reaching up to the kites. They must master many dangers and then expect them in Tortall also still the fight with the Unsterblichen.

Protector OF the Small - Kelandry

roofridge test
Kelandry of Mindelan has a dream: It wants to become Ritterin. Since its Idol Alanna of Trebond created this and Jonathan of Conté king is, this should be also in principle possible, but Kel did not expect lord Wyldon, which is responsible for the PAGEs the teacher. Kel may begin their training as a PAGE, but it requires lord Wyldon that she is for one year only on sample in the palace. Only after this year it decides whether Kel may remain. Although it feels this as extremely unfair, Kel accepts the challenge and begins its training. In the palace it does not however only have friends. Some the older PAGEs are whole like lord Wylden of the opinion the fact that girls do not belong to them and makes it the life heavily. But Kel finds also friends, and. A. the birds, which sneezed before their window.
Kel created it to convince lord Wyldon that it could be a Ritterin. Full act urge returns it to its second year as a PAGE to the palace. But after their arrival it is konfrontriert already briefly with recent problems. Thus you approach a dog, which she might not actually at all have, are there domestic animals for the PAGEs forbidden and it place one scare young woman as a housemaid. Kel fights itself by further three years in the palace, in which she is physically trained both intellektuel and. At the end of the four years as a PAGE the large tests line up, which must exist the PAGEs, if they want to be lifted into the rank of a Knappen. But in the night before Kels test its housemaid is kidnapped. Kel makes itself on the search for it, probably knowing that lord does not tolerate Wyldon a Zuspätkommen with tests. The PAGE concerned must repeat years up to four.
finite is Kel a Knappe. But their joy over it is clouded. She is the only Knappe of their class, which found still no knight, who takes over the further training. It had to become given up already nearly hope, when the commander of the royal body guard offers it, its Knappe. Kel accepts with pleasure and expects four further exciting year, in those it and. A. learns, how one kommandiert troops. But also their feelings for one of its best friends changed with the years. And at the end of the four years Kel is faced with also still the test chamber into the all Knappen its examination placing around thereafter to the knight to be struck.
Lady Knight
the war at the north border Tortalls against Scanra is in full course, when Kel is struck to the Ritterin. Also Kel is sent into the war. It is to establish and lead a Flüchtlichgslager. Forbidding third adds itself it the arrangements. Actually it wanted to fight actively. When Kel in a neighbouring away report refunds, their refugee camp of enemies is attacked and all refugees is kidnapped. Kel makes itself on the way to save their favorites; in the country of the enemy.

Daughter OF the Lioness - Alianne

Trickster's Choice
Alannas daughter, Alianne, understands itself lately not particularly well with its parents. Of its nut/mother she hears in each case the fact that she is to nevertheless finally make something from her life and her father would not like it when feeler gauge work to let, since is too dangerous. Around its thoughts to collect Aly segelt alone on sea outside. Against their experiences are at this season nevertheless already Piraten on the way. Aly is imprisoned taken and sold on the copper islands as a slave. It already participates, an escape plan to schmieden, when you appear the God of the cheats of the copper islands, to Kyprioth. This closes a pact with it: It remains on the islands and ensures for the fact that two young women survive the summer. If it creates this, the God ensures for the fact that its father Aly lets work as a spy. Their task is made more difficult still by the fact that it is pleased family, which is to protect it in disgrace of the regent of the copper islands, who admits as a quite uncomfortable contemporary is.

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