Tanel Tein

Tanel Tein (* 10. January 1978 in Tartu) is a estnischer basketball player.

Since 1998 (as 20jähriger) Tein in the estnischen national team plays. After some years in Estonia it played as Shooting Guard for the Polish crew Slask Wroclaw. In the season 2004/05 it began expectations for Alba Berlin, knew (among other things fulfill however not completely as safe contactors of point of three).

honors and successes

  • 1998, 1999, 2000 of Estonia of best new generation players
  • 2000, 2001 Estni master with its homeland club delta Tartu
  • 2002 Estni cup finalist and vice-master with Tartu skirt
  • 2001, 2002 MVP of the EKKA League
  • 2004 Polish Cup winner and vice-master with Slask Wroclaw


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