flag Tanganjika

Tanganjika (Tanganyika) was designated the name East Africa niches of a mandated territory within the British Commonwealth, after the Tanganjika lake at its western border.

The designation “Mandated Territory OF Tanganyika” (mandated territory of Tanganjika) was after that 1. Developed for world war (1920), when since 1891 as German East Africa the area controlled by the German Reich was administered of Great Britain übernommem and (until 1961).

In the year 1922 the region Tanganjika was transferred by the Völkerbund as mandate at Great Britain. 1946 became it British trust territory of the UN, to 9. December 1961 attained it its independence.

To 9. June 1962 was created the “Republic of Tanganjika”, itself to 26. April 1964 with the island Sansibar to “combined republic of Tanzania “combined.


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