Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream
establishment: 1967
category: Electronic music
Website: http://www.tangerinedream.org/
initial members
guitar: Edgar Froese
violin: Peoples Hombach
Schlagzeug: Lanse Hapshash
singing: Charlie Prince
bass: Briefly Herkenberg
further members
Schlagzeug: Klaus Schulze
Synthesizer: Conrad Schnitzler
Synthesizer: Christopher Franke
Synthesizer: Peter Baumann
singing, flute: Steve Jolliffe
Synthesizer: Johannes Schmoelling
Synthesizer: Paul Haslinger
saxophone, Synthesizer: Linda Spa
Synthesizer: Jerome Froese
Perkussion: Iris Kulterer aka iris Camaa

Tangerine Dream is a music formation from Germany, particularly because of theirPioneer work in the area of the electronic music is important. Thus those is considered to volume as a Wegbereiter of the citizens of Berlin school, while the early phase of the group is assigned also to the herb skirt. The volume resists to get the stamp new Age pushed open.

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Tangerine Dream /T.D. became from Edgar Froese in September 1967based. One says, which volume name leads itself from that the Beatles - title Lucy into the Sky with dia. moon (possibly a blumige allusion on LSD) off, in which the term seems „to Tangerine Trees “. More probably however a derivative of the title is lady Greengrass of the group of TheOnes. In this piece the text “The dips trees turn tangerine….” up. And The Ones had been created 1965 by - Edgar Froese. Whether Froese found the Beatles' idea now with itself or with to the volume name, or tunes, becomes completely different developing historyprobably a Mysterium remain.

the beginnings

one of first official occupations reads: Peoples Hombach (saxophone, flute, violin), Lanse Hapshash (Schlagzeug), briefly Herkenberg (bass) and Edgar Froese (guitar). The first concert gave Tangerine Dream in January 1968 in the refectory of the technical universityBerlin; after it they arose already briefly with the Essener Songtagen in the interlude of franc Zappa . At the beginning of of 1969 rose Herkenberg with T.D. out and created with Heiner Pudelko the group of Curly Curve. Thereupon Froese played several concerts with changing musicians, until it 1969on Klaus Schulze met, which played at this time Schlagzeug with the citizens of Berlin formation Psy Free. Particularly Schulzes ability to hold an unusual rhythm also during a longer period induced Froese to ask it whether he would like with Tangerine Dream drums.

Froese and Schulzea student at that time of the object and action artist Joseph Beuys looked for a further musician, whom they found in Conrad Schnitzler. With this formation the music during a session in a Privatstudio, which came out in the year 1970 under the title electronics Meditation, developed. The material was originally not for a publication intended. With this production still no electronic key instruments were used up to an Farfisa organ. 1970 left Klaus Schulze and Conrad Schnitzler the volume already again. Schulze created Ash RA temple (together with Manuel Göttsching and Hartmut Enke) and began1971 a solo career, which admits it world-wide made.

Christopher Franke, Froese in Berlin learned which to know, came in the age of 17 years of agitation Free to Tangerine Dream. Franke studied classical music and composition at the citizen of Berlin conservatoire. The new Trio supplemented the organist Steve Schroyder. Under the title Ultima Thule appeared 1971 on the ear label their first single.

In occupation Froese, Franke, Schroyder originated in to 1971 the LP alpha Centauri. Except the three musicians worked still Udo Dennebourg at the flute and the Roadmanager at that time RolandPaulyck at the Synthesizer also. After personal problems with Steve Schroyder arose, he was replaced to 1971 by the citizen of Berlin Peter Baumann, who began 1968 its musical career as organist with the amateur band Burning Touch. With this composition the first constant formation developed.

During Tangerine Dream upthe first two albums they used, used still conventional instruments and electronic effects for the first time on the 1972 double LP time appeared intensively a Synthesizer (EMS VCS 3), which they had bought one year before. 1973 publishes it its fourth LP breath. This found above allthe British islands larger resemblance. The English DJ John Peel made the plate on its BBC Playlist the “plate of the yearly”. Thereby became attentive smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Branson of Virgin record on Tangerine Dream. Due to legal differences with the ear label and the fact that it abroad, signed they received more attention than in Germany in December 1973 a disk contract with Virgin.

In the year 1973 Baumann left the group for short time. Froese and Franke went with new material into the Studio. The result of this work appeared however only 1986 on the album Green the ore.

the Virgin years

the first publication on the Virgin label was 1974 Phaedra. The plate came into the British Top 20. To 16. June 1974 took place in the Londoner Victoria Palace their first concert abroad English-language. It followed onedreiwöchige tour by Great Britain, on which their music was optically supported for the first time by a so-called “video Synthesizer”. It distinguished their concerts at that time that it mostly consisted of improvisations. They had set themselves the standard to play no piece twice.

Briefly before a tour, whichthe volume in the spring 1975 to Australia and New Zealand led and of that it its first golden record along-brought, substituted Michael Hoenig Peter Baumann. Baumann had left those volume in January 1975 over night, over with the car a journey by Asia toomake. After completion of the route Hoenig left the volume again.

After building man return that 1975 published album Rubycon again in occupation Froese/Franke/Baumann brought in. On the end of 1975 published album Ricochet was live music by Tangerine Dream to be heard for the first time, thosewhile their 75 ' it had been along-cut tour by France and England.

The next LP Stratosfear appeared 1976. First signs for it that Tangerine Dream became more rhythmic, can be found in the piece of title. On the European tour by Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland and England, following on it, placedit their newest work with 31 concerts live forwards, followed of their first, 16 concerts comprehensive USA tour at the beginning of of 1977.

Likewise 1977 became an American director William Friedkin on Tangerine Dream attentively. For its Remake of the classical author Wages OF Fear (dt. ), He assigned wages of the fearto write the volume the sound TRACK Sorcerer. Unusual it was here that Friedkin inspires, from the result, the film after the music rerecording. After a further USA tour in August 1977 Tangerine Dream the double LP Encore published. On it photographs are contained of the spring route by North America.

At the end of of 1977 left Peter Baumann the group due to artistic diversities of opinion as well as human problems. He dedicated himself unites to solo projects, until he met private music with his disk label 1988 its former colleagues. The remaining Froese and Franke went with next production a daring experiment, by engaging the English multi-instrument valleyists Steve Joliffe, which had played before with the Bluesrockband Steamhammer. As a Schlagzeuger the citizen of Berlin Percussionist Klaus Krieger was accepted to the volume. From this co-operation 1978 the album Cyclone , which atypical for Tangerine Dream was, developed therethey songähnliche texts used for the first time here. The following expanded tour did not find the desired resonance due to the instrumenting unusual for Tangerine Dream and the singing at the public. Steve Joliffe left therefore the group again.

To the duo the Froese/Franke formation shrunk brought 1979 thoseLP Force Majeure on the market. Again Klaus Krieger the Schlagzeug undertook to be heard, as further guest musicians is EDP pool of broadcasting corporations Meyer at the cello. Froese and Franke wanted to work again in their successful occupation with three Keyboardern. However they looked for someone, another music beginning than themhad and the one trained pianist was. They found it in the organists Johannes Schmoelling. A clay/tone master recommended it, and although he did not know who Tangerine Dream was and with the music originally much begin could not, Johannes assured. At the end of of 1979 played thatTrio already their first compositions, which appeared finally 1980 under the title seaweed RAM. To 31. Tangerine Dream appeared to January 1980 as the first West German “skirt volume” in the GDR at that time. 1986 were then brought out this concert with Virgin as Pergamon live one officially.

At the beginning of of 1981 appearedthen their sound TRACK to the film Thief (dt. The loner). In the autumn the Studioalbum exit followed. On both albums were now remarkably shorter pieces. The title song to the ski one ski scene the girl on the stairs, who came 1982 as single on the market, broughtTangerine Dream even a Chart placing under the Top 20. Since they wanted to sound commercial never, Edgar apologized augenzwinkernd for this „industrial accident “. The Studioalbum White Eagle followed. During a European tour Tangerine Dream gastierte also in the Londoner Dominion theatre. A Mitschnitt of this concert1983 appeared on the LP Logos live one.

the Jive Electro years

1983 an industrious year for Tangerine Dream became. They published the Studio album Hyperborea, which started sound TRACKs Wavelength and The Keep and a route by Poland, made of which the live-album pole and came out.This album represents first production on the Jive electrical label, to which they changed to discharge of the Virgin contract. In the future the portion of sound TRACKs rose, for which Tangerine Dream had responsibility. In addition 1983 Risky Businesses count the dte rodent comedy (dt. Loosens business) also Tom Cruise and 1984 the Stephen King - filming Firestarter (dt. The fire devil), as well as Flashpoint (dt. The border wolves).

1985 appeared two further sound TRACKs: Heartbreakers and the Fantasyfilm legend, that by Ridley Scott and a large, two-piece Radiospecial was turned with the hessian broadcast. The musicto the film The park Is mine (dt. Ruler of the cent ral park) appeared only 1991 on CD. Next Studioalbum published it Le park, on which they dedicated the individual pieces to the most beautiful parks of the world. This was the last album in the classicalOccupation Froese/Franke /Schmoelling. By the frequent live appearances, orders for film music and Studioaufnahmen leached out, he decided to insert only once a break and relied the group.

By October 1985 to at the beginning of 1986 from Tangerine Dream duo had become, but are enough not for. The newMan with Tangerine Dream was called Paul Haslinger and came from Austria. It studied among other things classical music at the academies in Salzburg and Vienna. For the 86 ' it tour got Tangerine Dream Haslinger for support on the stage. Since co-operation worked during the live appearances well,one decided to accept it as a constant member to the volume. When first work of this again-formed Trios originated in to 1986 the LP Underwater Sunlight, to which Haslinger contributed however still little kompositorisch, but only instruments such as Piano and Synthesizer played.

1987 appeared again some sound TRACKs: Three O'Clock High (dt. Law of the jungle - terror to the Highschool), Shy People and the horror film Near Dark. The sound TRACK to the American television film Deadly Care came out only 1991 on CD. The Studioproduktion of the yearly again dared the employment of singing. On Tygertoned Tangerine Dream poems of the English writer William Blake. Here text and music harmonized substantially better than years before on Cyclone. Likewise in the year 1987 a film over the Grand Canyon developed, to which Tangerine Dream contributed the musical Untermalung. Under the title Canyon Dreams both the video and the sound TRACK appeared. On that CD emerges for the first time the name Jerome Froese as a composer. The music brings in a first Grammy for them - nominating.

The material, which Tangerine Dream took up during its concerts 1987, appears 1988 upthe live album Livemiles as last production on the label Jive electrical. This is also the last album, in which Christopher Franke was involved. One day after the concert in Berlin to 2. August 1987 it left Tangerine Dream. After a short time-out it started a successfulSolo career with the emphasis film and TV-music.

the Melrose years

the Studioproduktion Optical Race appeared in September 1988. Beside Froese and Haslinger for the first time Ralph Wadephul did not continue to dip up, which accompanied Tangerine Dream also on the following North America route, afterwards however on the albumemerged. Optical Race was first of five productions, which appeared on the label private music of Peter Baumann.

To the film Miracle Mile (dt. Night of the decision), to which the night before a possible atomic disaster describes, they wrote to 1989 the film music. In the same year publishedit a sound TRACK for the film Destination Berlin. The music was composed particularly as sound of panorama for the video system Imagine 360.

The next Studioarbeit was Lily on The Beach. Beside Edgar and Paul Waldner at saxophone and flute as well as Jerome Froese work stroke ore for the first timeas a guitarist with this production also. 1990 began Perfect and Heartbreakers with the publication of the sound TRACK DEAD solvently. Here the disk company was content to line up the short music chips from the film.

At the beginning of of 1990 looked for Edgar Froese a saxophonists, around new elements into the musicto merge. Friends in Vienna recommended Linda Spa to it. With the only Germany concert to 20. February 1990 in the citizens of Berlin Werner-soul-binder-resounds, arises it for the first time beside the saxophonists stroke ore Waldner with Tangerine Dream. Also for Jerome this was the first live appearance with Tangerine Dream.

Outthe duo Froese/Haslinger Trio became short term, since Jerome became firm member of the group. The first CD of this formation was Melrose. At the end of of 1990 left Paul Haslinger the group and dedicated themselves to solo projects.

the Seattle years

1991 the sound TRACK The becameOne Inside/L'Affaire Wallraff publishes, as well as fairy tale CD with the title a Rumpelstiltskin, to which Tangerine Dream wrote the music. Kathleen Turner tells here history supported with music of Rumpelstilzchen.

As next Studio CD Rockoon appeared. Here became the more modern influence ofJerome more clearly, the pieces became faster and partial more rockiger.

For the members of the Tangerine Dream internationally they brought fan out club the CD Quinoa limited on 1.000 pieces . Only 1998 appeared Quinoa as official album.

1993 appeared again live photographs of Tangerine Dream under the title 220 V of live ones. On the stage Edgar and Jerome von Zlatko Perica ( guitar) became and Linda Spa (saxophone and key board) supports. CD 220 V of live ones became the video Three phase - Past, Present, Future publishes. Beside five pieces, those with the concert to 25.Octobers 1992 in the Paramount Theatre in Seattle were along-cut, are also video tie-clip and older material such as Phaedra or in remove Logos on the video.

1994 appeared the sound TRACK to the film Catch ME If You CAN. The Studioalbum of the yearly 1994 was turnOF The Tides, which followed the more modern style of Rockoon. Likewise 1994 published Virgin complex arranged 5 a CD box under the title Tangents 1973 - 1983. Here are pieces from the Virgin decade, which again merged Edgar for this production rem branch ore and,as well as ten unpublished TRACKs.

The direction of its predecessors continues the 1995 published production Tyranny OF Beauty. With this album they obtain their fifth Grammy nominating in consequence. However a Grammy remained refused for them so far. Likewise 1995 arise the CD The Dream Mixesthe label Virgin out. On that CD remixt Edgar and Jerome of six titles of its albums Rockoon, turn OF The Tides and Tyranny OF Beauty in harder versions, which exhibit technoartige rhythms. A video with the title The video Dream Mixes with altogether appeared paralleleight video tie-clips.

the Millennium years

to the film Zoning 1996 the original of the same name video sound TRACK appears. Also the label Castle Communications brought out a box with five CDs under the title The Dream root Collection. This time became on the CDs 1 to 4 piecesthe years 1970-1973 and 1983-1987 in rem branch ores publishes versions again. CD No. 5 existed new material.

The Studioalbum of the yearly 1996 was called Goblins club. On this plate, which represents Lindas last production with Tangerine Dream at the same time, they worked also with the VienneseBoys choir together, which is not to be confounded singer boys with the Viennese. At this time Edgar and Jerome Froese create its own disk label TDI.

To the film Oasis appeared the album of the same name with TDI as well as the Videofilm with Camera One. The video shows landscape photographs, toowrote Tangerine Dream tendencyful music to those. To the 1997er world tour two live-with cuts appeared:Tournado and Valentine Wheels. On first is the second concert part with newer pieces, on Valentine Wheels is the first part of the appearance with classical Tangerine Dream titles to be found.

Underthe title Ambient Monkeys further unusual CD appeared. It contains parts of the works George Friedrich of trade, Johann Sebastian of brook and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart apart from new compositions also. The pieces are connected by atmospheric noises (bird voices, driving course, jungle noises etc.). This musicas interlude to 97 ' it was played the European tour by the volume, while the public waited for the concert.

The year 1998 is coined/shaped of a set of publications on the TDI label. The CD Dream Encores live material contains of the years 1986 to 1997, which on various concerts asAdditions played were. The second part of the Dream Mixes comes out under the title TimeSqare . To the video Luminous vision the computer artist Yoichiro Kawaguchi, consisting of fantasyful, abstract computer animations, supplied Tangerine Dream to the sound TRACK with.

Since when composing Filmmusiken material remained remaining very often, appearedsome of it 1998 on the two CDs Hollywood Years of volume. I and volume. II. To which films the individual titles were originally composed, does not come out from the Booklets. To a film over the Russian Transsibirien express wrote Tangerine Dream the film music under the title Transsibiria.

To 12. June 1999 took place the only Tangerine Dream concert of this yearly in the context of the festival of kind of sound in Osnabrück. Under the slogan Mars Polaris was converted in music those Mars polar countries mission of NASA. The Percussionist Emil Hachfeld, that already with the 97 ' it routewith arose, provided also with this concert for the appropriate rhythms. Further those was supported volume by the guitarist Gerald degree well-being. Likewise under the title Mars Polaris appeared CD with the music of the concert as Studioaufnahme. On the day of the concert likewise those becameon the TDI label new CD Sohoman appeared sells. On their is 43 a minütiger excerpt from the live concert of 22. February 1982 in the regent Theatre from Sydney contain. The first publication of the Tangerine Dream Classic edition represents the CD.

The album What A blow(Sub-titles: Architecture in Motion) represented a sound TRACK to a film over collapsing multistoried buildings. The film was in the USA under the title What A blows! Architecture in Motion on video appeared. To a film over the Chinese wall Tangerine Dream provided the sound TRACK. ThoseMusic appeared on that CD Great barrier OF China.

In the new Millennium the albums appeared Soundmill navigator and Antique Dreams with older material as first publications. As regular Studioveröffentlichung The Seven Letters From Tibet followed. Here Tangerine Dream seized since long time againon sphärischere sounds without driving rhythms back. In the I-box 6 CDs with rem branch ores and partially new pieces were brought out. 2001 a further album of the row Dream Mixes appeared named DM3 - The Past dog-talk Moons. 2002 appeared the work ambitionierteste so farby Edgar Froese - the first part to Dante Alighieris the Göttliche comedy. Inferno (hell) is a kind opera, to 7. October 2001 was specified in the cathedral by Bernau. Beside Edgar and Jerome seven singers arose, among them to iris Kulterer and Jayney Klimek. The album Mota Atma from 2003 represents again a sound TRACK. In the same year DM4 appeared, the fourth part of the row Dream Mixes with partially rem branch ores and also completely again brought in versions of well-known pieces. 2004 brought the second partthe Göttlichen Kommödie, the album Purgatorio (purgatory). Again Jayney Klimek, iris Kulterer support aka iris Camaa as well as further singers production. The wonderful Coverbilder of inferno and Purgatorio comes from Edgars' second Mrs., the artist Bianca Acquaye.

The third part of the GöttlichenComedy - Paradiso (Paradies) became to 23., 24. and 25. September 2005 in the theatre from Brandenburg the Havel uraufgeführt and again to 18. and 19. January 2006 in the Hans petrol theatre in potsdam.


  • electronics Meditation (1970)
  • alpha Centauri (1971)
  • Time (1972)
  • breath (1973)
  • Phaedra (1974)
  • Rubycon (1975)
  • Ricochet (live one) (1975)
  • Stratosfear (1976)
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sound TRACK

  • Sorcerer (1977)
  • Thief (1981)
  • the girl on the stairs (1982)
  • Wavelength (1983)
  • Risky Business (1983)
  • The Keep (1983, publish 1997)
  • Firestarter (1984)
  • The park is mine (1984, publish 1991)
  • Heartbreakers (1985)
  • putting (1986)
  • Three O'Clock High (1987)
  • Near Dark (1987)
  • Shy People (1987)
  • Deadly Care (publishes 1992) (1987)
  • Miracle Mile (1989)
  • Destination Berlin (1989)
  • Catch ME… if You CAN (1989, publish 1994)
  • Oasis (1996)
  • Transsiberia (1998)
  • What A blow (1999)
  • The Great barrier OF China (2000)
  • Mota Atma (2003)


  • Encore (1977 recordings from their US+Canada route)
  • Sohoman (live in Sydney 1982) (1999)
  • Soundmill navigator (live RK the Berlin Philharmonic Concert Hall 1976) (2000)
  • Rockface (live in Berkley 1988) (2003)
  • to The boat-put box set of volume. 1 (live one, Compilation) (2003)
  • to The boat-put box set of volume. 2 (live ones,Compilation) (2004)
  • East (live in Berlin 1990) (2004)
  • Arizona (live in Scottsdale 1992) (2004)
  • Vault 4 (live in Brighton U.K. 1986, live one in Cleveland U.S.A 1986) (2005)
  • Rocking Mars (live RK kind of sound festival 1999 in Osnabrück) (2005)

Tangerine Tree

the project“Tangerine Tree” is a profitless CD-R - collection for fans, that dedicate themselves to the klanglich best unpublished Tangerine Dream concerts, which exist from 1968 to today. The sound quality was later improved. At the cost price these CD-R-S are available, which are project the musicians admit and by it authorized.


  • Paul Stump: Digitally Gothic - A Critical Discography OF Tangerine Dream (ISBN 0946719187, Firefly Publishing, February 1, 1999)

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