Tank cars

multi-oh winner truck tank car with fuel in civilian aviation

tank car are special vehicles to the transport of highly liquid liquids and gases of all kinds. The railway freight wagons used for these purposes are called tankers.

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road vehicles

road vehicles with tanks existing in the different versions. During some versions pure transport vehicles are, have many tank cars also equipment (pumps, hoses, flow meters) on board, in order to deliver their charge (e.g. Fuel oil tank car for distribution to the consumers).

Usual remarks:

  • Trucks with tank instead of a loading area
  • semitrailer with structure of tank or as self-supporting construction
  • trailer with structure of tank
  • with the military are used also frequently normal trucks with put on auxiliary tank as tank cars.


  • milk car
  • fuel transporter as feeders to gas stations
  • airfield tank car
  • fuel oil transport
  • liquid gas transport
  • nitrogen transport

demarcation silo truck

for the transport of rieselfähigen solids (powders), which be promoted pneumatically or hydraulically can, silo trucks are used, their special design cement.

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