Tanya Hansen

Tanya Hansen (* 11. September 1973 in Jessheim) is a Norwegian Pornodarstellerin.

Tanya Hansen buildup in Norway and gained at the age of 18 years first experiences as Model for bath fashions. Soon thereafter it became as Stripperin admits and arose in many cities of Scandinavia. In the year 1997 she was discovered by Joe D'Amato, which turned the first hard core film with it. It became fast as Darstellerin in completely Europe admits. It is considered as the first Norwegian Pornostar.

In the meantime Tanya Hansen produces own hard core films (Tanya Hansen Productions). It is responsible for the world-wide selling of the hard core magazine Babes and is editor of the Norwegian Erotik magazine Cocktail. Their photos appeared world-wide in numerous high polish magazines (Hustler Busty Beauties, Cheri, High Society, Gents etc.).

Today Tanya Hansen lives alternating in Norway and Spain.


  • 2003: Venus Award as the best Darstellerin Scandinavia

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