Tanya Stephens

Tanya Stephens (* 2. July 1973 in the Parish of pc. Mary, smelling moon, Jamaica) is a Jamaican thank-resounds -/Reggae - Singjay.

It born as Vivienne Tanya Stephenson and belonged beside lady Saw, lady G and Ce'Cile to the most successful, female thank-resound - and/or. Reggae - kindists.

Tanya visited the Zion Hill Primary School, then the pc. Mary's High School and began already early to write in its spare time Songs. After it had locked the school, it went to Kingston Town and was courageously enough to send the well-known Muikproduzenten and musician Noel Brownie a demo cartridge with a Song named “Dear Friend”. Derrick bar-nicely supported the Song with an appropriate Riddim and into that new name of Studios took up Tanya it then finally, it however was not published.

Later in Ocho Rios placed it to Barry O'Hare (Grove Recordings) a further title with the name “Is This For material " forwards, which it east later over the far Riddim sang. This became then into a Compilation on behalf of “ford ago East” inserted and became thus Tanya Stephens of first Songveröffentlichung. As furtherPublications from this time are “Can't Beat The Feeling” and Amazing Grace with Apache Scratchy toocall.

Finally it voicete 1993 “bends Things A Gwaan” for X-Rated, with which it made for the first time really attentive on itself. After it took up its first Longplayer for RUNNetherlands, you succeeded the break-through1996 with “Yuh Nuh ready Fi this Yet” over the Joyride Riddim, with that it stylistic to lady Saw and that“Rude Gyal” - image tied. Thereupon also the important Jamaican disk company VP record on Tanya became attentive, with which it published then 1997 a Compilation of their largest hits.

In Germany she attained larger acknowledgment by her co-operation with for the first time thank-resounds - troop Seeed on the album “music Monks”.

With the rather poppig rockigen, but very successful album “Sintoxicated” that it took up, when it left for three years Jamaica and to Sweden went fulfilled itself Tanya the long preserved desire of the production of popular music. Being missing commercial success and personal reasons called it however back on the island, where it was criticized by some colleagues and representatives of the local music scene harsch. Above all her former friend lady Saw pressed their displeasure in numerous Tunes addressed to Tanya out (“Way bake”, “Pop down Peggy” among other things), the Tanya however on calm and less hostilely tuned kind beantwortee (“Friends”, “Same old Bitch”).

2004 published Tanya Stephens its most successful album “Gangsta Blues”, on which she deliberated herself particularly upon sängerische activities. Since the positive resonance on the new root Tunes contained on it voiced it also hardly more thank-resound Riddims, but mainly root Riddims.

Tanya Stephens is belonged to nut/mother of a daughter and to the most remarkable female Dancehall Artists.


  • 1994 - bend Things A Gwaan (RUNNetherlands)
  • ???? - Work Out (Joe Gibbs 21st Century)
  • 1997 - Too Hype (VP)
  • 1998 - Ruff Rider (VP)
  • 2001 - Sintoxicated (Warner music Sweden)
  • 2004 - Gangsta Blues (VP)


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