Dance shoe

a dance shoe is a footwear, which was developed particularly for dancing.


usual dance shoes correspond to classical Halbschuhen in their form with men, often with lacquer leather shank, and open slip shoes with paragraph (Pumps) with women. They are characterised through special leather soles, on dancing co-ordinated paragraphs, ease and high ductility of the shoe in and occasionally by one unusually, attention exciting optics.

  • Paragraph
during with lady dance shoes only the personal preference of the lady decisive for form and height of the paragraph is, differentiates one with dance shoes for gentlemen between standard and latin paragraphs. The paragraph of a dance shoe for standard dances corresponds in approximately that of a usual gentleman half Mr., the one dance shoe for Latin American dances is however clearly higher. The high paragraph is to support and stress the Hüftbewegung here.
  • Resole
the run sole must the correct measure between slippery and handy offer. Therefore classical dance shoes with leather are besohlt. Over a small abrasion and thus a high durability dance soles from chromgegerbten leather will grant used (normally are leather soles from vegetabilgegerbtem, water-more insensitive leathers). The bed surface becomes ever smoother and more slippery by the demand on the parquet with the time. Around these soles with brushes will work against worked on with curved metal bristles (Aufrauen so mentioned). The superficial leather fibers are set up and the sole again more handy.
  • Ductility
by the altogether high bending elasticity of the shoe soils of dance shoes adapts the shoe of the respective foot position better, than it is with normal road shoes the case. There is thus an outward visible difference between a foot position with stretched and one with tightened toes. Above all dance shoes for the Latin American dances exhibit this characteristic, by which the foot technology can be arranged more responding.


one generally differentiates the following kinds from dance shoes:

of standard shoes:
Usually Pumps with a usually long joint feather/spring. In addition, in front closed Sandaletten can be.
Lady latin shoes:
Here it concerns Sandaletten with a heel cap and a toe opening. In addition the joint feather/spring in such a way specified (the shoe soil strengthening and metal or wood rail let in into it) is shorter, in order to ensure a larger soil flexibility.
  • Quilting shoes:
Dance shoes for the quilting dance correspond to usual Halbschuhen for gentlemen with small sales level in the optics. Also ladies wear shoes of this form, usually however with a narrower cut. The special at quilting shoes are sole fittings made of metal, which are underneath footballs and at the rear part of the paragraph upper mark. Thus with the dance steps clicking kastagnettenähnliche noises are produced. They make the perkussiven expression possible. These metal fittings are also individually available and can be re-tooled at normal Halbschuhen.

strictly speaking are called only the first two forms dance shoes, since all other forms have own names.

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