Tarantula (film)

film data
of German titles: Tarantula
original title: Tarantula
production country: The USA
feature year: 1955
length (PAL - DVD): 80 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 12
direction: Jack Arnold
film script: Jack Arnold,
Robert M. Fresco
production: William all and
music: Joseph Gershenson
camera: George Robinson,
Clifford Stine
cut: William Morgan
  • John agar: Dr. Matt Hastings
  • Mara Corday: Stephanie „Steve “Clayton
  • Leo G. Carroll: Professor. Gerald Deemer
  • Nestor Paiva: Sheriff Jack Andrew
  • Ross Elliott: Joe Burch
  • Edwin edge: As per. John Nolan
  • Raymond Bailey: Townsend
  • Hank Peterson: Josh
  • Bert Holland: Barney Russell
  • Steve Darrell: Andy Andersen one

Tarantula is an US-American Science Fiction horror thriller in black-and-white from 1955, in John agar, Mara Corday and Leo G. Carroll under the direction of Jack Arnold the main roles played. Although it concerns with Tarantula a typical B-Movie, the film in the course of the decades attained a certain cult status.


in the proximity of the desert nest the ore skirt in Arizona was found a grässlich distorted dead one. Dr. Matt Hastings (John agar) is brought by Sheriff Jack Andrew (Nestor Paiva) into the mortuary. There also the scientist Professor meets. Gerald Deemer (Leo G. Carroll) and identifies the dead ones as its colleague and best friend a Dr. Eric Yak-generic terms, with whom he worked in a lonely house in the desert on scientific experiments. It stated, Yak-generic terms at the consequences of a Akromegalie died. Dr. Hastings has doubts about this diagnosis.

Professor. Deemer returns to its house and works in its laboratory, where he breeds survive-large rats, mice and sea pigs. Also a very large bird spider lives in a glass case. Meanwhile a distorted shape creeps on it too and attacks it out of the background. It is his Laborant Paul. The laboratory comes is devastated and the monströse shape gives to Deemer an injection to the fight, before it dies. The spider escapes unnoticed. Deemer bestattet its coworker secretly at night in the desert.

In the meantime Dr. meets. Hastings in the city of the beautiful Stephanie „Steve “Clayton (Mara Corday). The new female assistant of the professor arrived straight, and the doctor brings it to Deemers to house in the desert. Deemer shows the two its laboratory and opens to them that he works on a synthetic nutrient fluid, which is to solve that once the hunger problems in the world.

The professor trains its female assistant Steve Clayton and shows it its experiments. In the meantime its pass wound begins to hurt. Shortly thereafter Dr. meet. Hastings and Steve Clayton. While a cigarette break in the desert suddenly enormous Felsbrocken separate from a stone hill, from which they will almost kill. They flee frightened and drive with the car of it. After its departure one sees the gigantic bird spider behind rock appearing.

Again in the house of the professor the Laborantin that the professor changed, also he begins itself deformations to show, discovers a consequence of the injection with growth serum by the Laboranten. It packs a frightening. Dr. Hastings and the Sheriff discover in the meantime with the Farmer Andy Anderson one (Steve Darrell) the frameworks of several horses and a puddle with a mysterious whitish liquid. Helpless the men turn back into the city.

At night the giant spider falls ago over the farm, kills Anderson and two men, which drive in a light load car by the night. In the morning Dr. infers. Hastings at the accident scene a sample of the liquid and identifies it at its microscope as insect poison. Steve Clayton informs the doctor that Professor. Deemer seriously ill is. Hastings drives outside to the professor and tries it to help. This opens now that Yak-generic terms and the Laborant Paul made a self attempt. It tells whole history. Deemer believes that with the laboratory fire many of its animals died, also the spider wähnt it dead. Hastings will hellhörig and flies to Phoenix, around its test result operate to let. Now it a light comes up, it suspects that in the desert a giant spider lives.

Matt returns in the late evening excited to the desert city and alarms the Sheriff. In the meantime the spider attacks Deemers house. Steve comes into panic, when the monster breaks the window. Also the professor awaked, grässlich distorts. The spider devours it, while Steve can flee. Matt it saves in the last moment. On the highway they meet the Sheriff and some policemen. They open the fire with submachine guns, but it does not have a sense. Excited the city is evacuated. Hastings suggests releasing a combat aircraft with napalm bombs on the monster.

In the morning a combat squadron starts, while the city police with dynamite places to case of blowing up for the spider. Now also the last Zweifler is convinced like the newspaper reporter. The breakup on the highway constitutes the monster however nothing. Intact it continues the way into the city. The small group continues to flee into the abandoned city. When the spider at the outskirts of a town emerges, the fighter planes attack. They fire napalm bombs, until the monster goes in a flame sea at the basis. As gebannt observe humans from the city the end of the monster.


the film works skillfully with two fears of core of the spectators: the horror before spiders and grässlichen deformations. Interestingly enough Professor solves. Deemers serum different reactions out: with animals giant growth, with humans physical deformations. An explanation for it does not supply the film however.

Also Tarantula combines in the McCarthy era the usual elements of American Science Fiction B Movies: the army as Beschützer (American) of the democracy and thus „the free “world; the military employment as the latter and the problem solving option; „the WAD Scientist “, whose science turns against it; the behind-cunning, all endangering and pityless creature, that resembles communism; the women in insignificant Nebenrollen („Scream Queens “); the town idyl as place of the threatened American ideal.

With the turning work a genuine bird spider was used in a miniature landscape. With compressed air nozzles thereby their movements were steered.

In the film are some small, but remarkable errors passes: Once at the trick technology carelessly one worked, therefore „disappears “a leg of the spider briefly in the sky. For the destruction of the monster start several F-84-Kampfjets, the attack fly however F-80-Maschinen. Both in the original, and in the synchronized version the landing airplane of the doctor makes quietschende noises, like on for GET ores a starting and a runway, although it touches down on a sand runway.

In one of its first Filmrollen Clint Eastwood is to be seen as a squadron commander. Since it carries a pilot mask, however usually its genuine fan can only recognize it.

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