Tatjana Romanowna Lebedewa

Tatjana Lebedewa, Siegerin Dreisprung Frauen ISTAF 2005 und Golden League Jackpot Gewinnern 2005, Siegessprung über 14,85m
Tatjana Lebedewa, Siegerin three-jump Mrs. ISTAF 2005 and golden League Jackpot winners 2005, victory jump over 14,85m

Tatjana Romanowna Lebedewa (Russian ТатьянаРомановнаЛебедева; * 21. July 1976 in Sterlitamak in Baschkirien) is a Russian light athlete and Olympiasiegerin.

Their favourite disciplines are the Weitsprung and the three-jump and in both have them considerable successes to exhibit. Already 1994, at the age of 18 years, won it with the junior world championships the bronze medal in the three-jump. With the IAAF - World Cup 1998 in Johannesburg, South Africa, won it silver in the same discipline and repeated this success in the same year with the Goodwill Games in New York.

With the XXVII. Olympic summer games 2000 in Sydney it won in the three-jump the silver medal behind Bulgaria Teresa Marinowa (gold) and before the Ukrainerin Jelena Goworowa (bronze). In the same year it got itself gold with the European Cup in Gateshead, England and with the European resounding championships in Gent, Belgium. 2001 led it their success route away with a victory with the world championships in Edmonton, Canada, before the Françoise Mbango Etone (silver), originating from Cameroon, and Bulgaria Tereza Marinova, silver medal with the resounding world championships in Lisbon, Portugal, a further victory with the Goodwill Games in Brisbane, Australia and gold medal with the European a Cup in Bremen.

2002 took itself it a time-out. In September it brought a daughter to the world, was however 2003 sportily again in Topform and won in the three-jump with the world championships into of Paris the gold medal before Françoise Mbango Etone (silver) and the Italian Magdelin Martinez (bronze), likewise with the 1st World Athletics final in Monaco and the Russian resounding championships. The following year should become however the best of their past career.

With the XXV III. Olympic summer games 2004 in Athens it won in the three-jump the bronze medal behind the Kamerunerin Françoise Mbango Etone (gold) and the Greek Hrysopiyi Devetzi (silver). In the Weitsprung it got itself the gold medal before the two other Russians Irina Simagina (silver) and Tatjana Kotowa (bronze). With the resounding world championships in Budapest, Hungary, won it in the three-jump the gold medal with a new world record as well as the gold medal in the Weitsprung.

In the apron of the athlete IC world championship 2005 in Helsinki it won all golden League Meetings in the three-jump, so that it was considered as Top Favoritin to the world championship. In Helsinki it hurt itself then in the qualification and could not not begin then in the final fight. To the WM won it the Meeting of Zurich and pointed that it is applicable for golden the League Jackpot further. The second candidate for the Jackpot, Christine Arron, separated already in Zurich. To 4. September 2005 won it then with the ISTAF in Berlin the locking golden League three-fight and won thereby the complete Jackpot that golden League at a value of 1 million US Dollar. She is thereby the exclusive successor of Tonique Williams Darling and Christian Olsson, the winners of 2004.

With the athlete IC resounding world championship 2006 in Moscow it won the gold medal in the three-jump with a width of 14.95 meters.


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